About Me

A little about my photographic style and background


A few things about me (David)

– I’m slightly obsessed with photography, obviously! 

-I’ve been shooting weddings for over ten years

-I’m the proud owner of two passports

-I enjoy the occasional trip to the theatre / art exhibition / round of golf

-I lived in Italy for a year

-I once photographed Boris Johnson

My Approach to wedding photography…

I really believe that every couple, and therefore every wedding I photograph is unique. Of course tradition plays a big part in the day, but the cookie cutter approach to wedding photography just isn’t for me! My philosophy, and that of documentary photography generally, is that it’s the interactions between you both and your guests and your choices about the day that will define your wedding and make it different to any other. I get such a great feeling knowing that I’m creating some of the most treasured pictures a couple will ever own.

Pictures that can’t be staged or recreated but which capture the essence of your relationship and natural beauty. I love the honesty and subtleties of using natural light. My photography is all about capturing the real moments and emotions of your day, be it the nervous anticipation before the ceremony, the subtle little glances to one another as you read your vows, or the release of energy on the dance floor when you realise what an amazing day you’ve just had!

So what’s it like to have me as your photographer…

Well you certainly won’t see me shouting instructions at your family and friends as we stage lots of group photos! You might not even notice me at all. But if you do, you’ll probably see me moving quietly through the wedding, anticipating the action and capturing authentic images of the day. My friendly, calm and discreet approach gives couples the opportunity to really enjoy their special day the way it’s meant to be.

One of the most inspirational film I’ve seen recently, and one which gives a really good insight into the workings of a documentary photographer, is this film about presidential photographer Pete Souza. Check it out here.

Where it all began…

My photographic journey began when I was about fifteen years old and I found my grandfather’s old camera lying in a desk drawer. I’d always been artistic and was captivated by the camera immediately. A few years, and many rolls of film later, off to art college I went to do a degree in photography. On graduating I began to have some success and build my career, highlights from that time included exhibiting at Somerset House and photographing Boris!

During this time I also taught an A-level in photography. It’s always been the uniquely photographic elements of the medium that have attracted me to photography, those of capturing movement, energy, and emotion in a fleeting moment. At heart I’ve always been a documentary photographer, and hence why I think wedding photography is such a good fit. I shot my first wedding in 2004 and haven’t looked back since.

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