Candid Wedding Photography Surrey


Candid Wedding Photography Surrey

Like a scene from Four Weddings and a Funeral, late arrivals race to church, ahead of the bride!

For me the shot above is priceless. Chris and Hannah’s wedding, earlier this summer, took place at St. Michael’s, Betchworth, which, ironically, was the church used in the opening scene of Four Weddings and a Funeral, in which Charles and Scarlett come hurtling towards the church in their orange mini, moments before the ceremony is due to start. But, as I’m sure the residents of this sleepy little cul-de-sac know only too well, far from being a fictional scene made up for the movies, this is a very real and often repeated scene every Saturday, so carefully observed by the film makers, along with so many other scenes in the film. And it’s moments like this that I love to capture in my photography. Moments that take place out of sight and between the choreographed rituals of the wedding day, but to me are equally as special.

After a beautiful ceremony, conducted by Chris’s father, and after a quick stop off for portraits along the way, it was back to the local village hall that had been dressed so brilliantly to resemble a kind of village fete, with long trestle tables filling the room and bold coloured lantern and table cloths bringing the space to life. This really was a proper DIY wedding. Done in such a way, not because the couple had read somewhere on a wedding blog that this was the latest style, but because it came so naturally to them and so was an authentic expression of their relationship, and that of their friends and family too. Guests were encouraged to contribute their own cakes, and the wedding breakfast was served in true buffet style, replete with paper plates and napkins. Perhaps the main reason though for choosing the village hall was the stage on which Chris (a musician by profession) and friends would later perform, to rapturous applause. Their rendition of Son of a Preacher Man going down particularly well!

Candid Wedding Photography Surrey

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