Chris + Kristina

A Colourful Wedding At Gate Street Barn In Surrey

One amazing day with Chris and Kristina at Gate Street Barn.

One of the things I love so much about photographing weddings is that each and every couple, and every wedding, really is unique. I really enjoyed getting to know Chris and Kristina and understand all the details of their Anglo/American nuptials. I loved the ceremony in the Tithe Barn flooded with light and the speeches, outdoor cake cutting and party were just so much fun to shoot.

One of things I love about Gate Street Barn near my home in Guildford, and other venues like it, is that both the bride and groom are able to get really in different parts of the venue. This is great for telling a more rounded story and showing each of them parts of the day that they didn’t get to experience.

Since the recent renovations to Gate Street Barn, the natural light that floods into the space is just gorgeous, and I was so happy when I learn that Chris and Kristina would be setting up for their ceremony in a slightly unconventional way, to make the most of the light.

Evening time can often be the best time in the day for portraits. The light can be more flattering that harsh midday sun, and you will often feel more relaxed than you dod immediately after your ceremony. Along with their videographer, the four of has lots of banter on this shoot and got some lovely characterful portraits.

The speeches have always been one of my favourite parts of any wedding day. You learn so much about the couple, some of it not always flattering, and it’s a great opportunity to get some great reaction shots and lovely connections. I particularly like it whenever the bride gives a speech!

More cutting of the wedding cake should take place outdoors, in my opinion! Especially on such a beautiful summers evening as this. It was a great way to get all the wedding guests outside and enjoying the garden at Gate Street Barn and chocolate and cheesecakes by Kalm Kitchen were amazing!

“Say hello, I’d love to hear about your wedding plans!”

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