Dinachi + Onu

A Very Special Nigerian Wedding At Northbrook Park

Onu and Dinachi’s colourful wedding at Northbrook Park

This was my first Nigerian wedding, and at one of my all time favourite wedding venues, Northbrook Park. The level of love, joy and sense of celebration on their day was so inspiring and helped make this one of my all time favourite weddings. I particularly enjoyed the freedom I was allowed during the ceremony, the outfit change and the tradition of dancing into the reception!

One of my favourite things about Northbrook Park is that both bride and groom are able to get ready apart, but at the same venue. This makes it easy for me to dart between the two of them and capture more of the story. I also had my 2nd photographer with me on the day meaning that even more of those little moments could be captured.

Being able to think on your feet, and move your feet quickly, is an important quality to have as a photographer. My aim is to tell stories. Sometimes that means curating a sequence of images, but in this case my quick thinking meant that I was able to get this shot from above, and give this moment more context.

Sometimes I hear other photographers moan about guests with cameras, but for me they have become part of the day. In a funny kind of way they help to signify the couples celebrity status (for that one day at least) and social media has become a way for people to celebrate and share their love for the couple.

The Orangery at Northbrook Park is a wonderful space, and I’ve been fortunate enough to witness many amazing memories being created here. Never before though, have I witnessed the wedding party dancing their way into the reception, until now! More of this please! It’s a wonderful tradition, and so much fun to photograph.

After a quick outfit change, it was on with the evening festivities. Onu and Dinachi, what an amazing day, and thank you for having me along to capture it for you.

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