Same Sex Village Hall Wedding In Surrey

Same Sex Village Hall Wedding In Surrey

I’m really thrilled to be blogging this same sex village hall wedding in Surrey that I shot earlier this summer. I talk a lot on here, and on my Instagram posts, about my reportage approach to story telling on the wedding day, and I hope that what you’ll see in the pictures that follow from Sarah and Olivia’s same sex village hall wedding in Surrey is a how I use sequencing of images, composition, and timing to capture images that capture not just the obvious moments, but the unconventional and quirky events of the day.



Same Sex Village Hall Wedding In Surrey

I photograph in all kinds of wedding venues throughout London and the South East, but as with this same sex village hall wedding in Surrey, some of my favourite weddings take place in unusual venues, that of course were not originally intended as a wedding venue. I think the reason I find these weddings so appealing is because like the unconventional choice of venue, couples will also throw the rule book out when it comes to other aspects of the wedding…more about that the write up and images below!

I’m also really proud to think of my wedding photography business as inclusive and open to photographing all kinds of weddings, whether that be ceremonies of different religions, LGBTQ weddings, humanist ceremonies, which are becoming more and more popular, and not forgetting of course, traditional church weddings, which I still love to document. All are enjoyable in their own ways, and provide certain photo opportunities, and all of course come with their own challenges for an experienced wedding photographer such as myself to overcome.

The Wedding Ceremony

On the occasion of Sarah and Olivia’s same sex village hall wedding in Surrey, they chose not to have any getting ready pictures before the ceremony, but as they were arriving together, they chose instead for me to capture their guests arriving at the wedding and enjoying each other’s company before the ceremony got under way. When it did, the ceremony was beautifully conducted by one of the brides’ friends and the were beaks in the ceremony in which the choir that Sarah is part of, performed for the assembled family and friends.

Same Sex Village Hall Wedding In Surrey

It was clear to me from the moment I arrived to photograph this wedding day that, the two brides had poured so much love and attention into styling the village hall venue. There were photos strung up around the perimeter of the space and festoon lights and colourful bunting added a fun festival feel to the room that would be the focus for the whole day. It also happened to be one of the hottest days of the summer in the UK and the large windows helped to flood the village hall with natural light, which is beautiful to photograph.

The Wedding Party!

Now when I say that this couple likes to dance and have a good party, I’m really not exaggerating! After the ceremony, and a little time spent outside at their same sex village hall wedding in Surrey, we returned inside for a simply amazing Lindy Hop first dance, which took place at 3pm in the afternoon! This was then followed by a lively Ceilidh dance, in which everyone of all ages and ability could get involved, before another covers band arrived in the evening to continue the party! It was a very special day that will stay long in my memory.



Venue: Keston Village Hall

Wedding Planning: Events by Helen

Wedding Dresses: Dig for Victory

Music: The Ceilidh Tree & The Get Down