Favourite Frames – Danesfield House Wedding

The task of photographing a wedding in a documentary style involves a lot of people watching, such as at this recent Danesfield House wedding. The kind of thing you might find yourself doing in a coffee shop from time to time as you sit and watch passersby crossing the road or exiting a tube station. Making assumptions about where they’re going, the clothes they’re wearing, and the kind of lives they lead. A similar cross section can often be found at a wedding and I often find myself developing character studies of various guests as some natural come to the fore and others, shall we say, are a little more restrained! 


Danesfield House Wedding


And so it was, at Danesfield House, that as the band played late into the night, and the guests sang along to every word, that this image came about. Without wishing to make a direct comparison, the interest throughout the frame, and layering of faces reminds me of The Nightwatch by Rembrandt, a huge tableau painting that I’ve been fortunate enough to experience at first hand in Amsterdam, except that instead of guns and spears my characters weird silver dessert spoons and know every line of Bon Jovi’s Livin’ On A Prayer!


“You really did a brilliant job at capturing everything that was going on, we couldn’t be more pleased. So thank you so much for all your hard work (and for putting yourself in harm’s way on the dancefloor!) We so appreciate it and are really enjoying looking at all the pictures!”


The couple had hired me for my ‘Unlimited’ coverage for their Danesfield House wedding and this shot, as you can imagine, came quite late in the night, and as you can see from the feedback below, they were so grateful for my dedication to the cause!