My Favourite Wedding Venues in Surrey

All photos by one of Surrey’s TOP wedding photographers.

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If you’re looking for wedding venues near me in Surrey, then you’ve come to the right place! I’m a wedding photographer based in Guildford, where there are so many stunning wedding venues within easy reach. Below you can find many of my favourite local wedding venues near me in Surrey, Hampshire and London. Although these are my all-time favourite places to capture weddings, photographers like myself will shoot all over the South East, and I even work internationally.

Whilst on this page of my website I’ve picked out some of my very favourite wedding venues near me, if you scroll to the bottom of the page you’ll see that I’ve made a list of tips and advice to help you choose the right wedding venue wherever you happen to be getting married.

How To Choose A Wedding Venue That’s Right For You 

Choosing the right wedding venue can be an intensely personal decision. Much like buying a new home, or dare I say it, finding the right life partner, choosing the venue for your special day, could be love at first site, or it could boil down to more practical considerations. Oftentimes, one of you will want to get married at a venue, or in a church/place of worship that holds sentimental value, or is close to your childhood home. Perhaps your parents even got married in there or it’s where you worship, and you’d therefore like to find a reception venue that’s nearby.

Perhaps the most important considerations of all though, are the practical ones, not necessarily if your wedding venues near me, I’m happy to travel after all, but will your friends and family be able to make the journey? Are there hotels and B&Bs locally where guests can stay? Does the venue have the capacity to host the number guests you’d like to invite? And perhaps most importantly of all, does the venue suite the style of your wedding and your budget?

How Can You Take Inspiration From Your Wedding Venue?

Wedding venues will often have a vibe all of their own, or something unique that distinguishes them from other similar venues. That could be something in their history, and may even be the reason they established themselves in that location to begin with. As a photographers near me there are wedding venues that were once an last house and barn, that might inspire the drinks you serve at your wedding, and there are more contemporary London wedding venues such as the Gherkin for the more fashion conscious city dwellers.

Photographers near me are blessed with stunning venues such as Ramster Hall that look fabulous all throughout the year, but I strongly recommend that you try and visit your wedding venue during your wedding planning, at the same time of year as your wedding is due to take place. Yes that means planning at least a year in advance, but a venue such as Ramster Hall that has wonderful gardens that are open to the public, could inspire your choice of flowers, and the season with inevitably inspire your choice of food and canapés that you serve.

A Few Helpful Tips When Choosing Your Wedding Venue

  1. Why should you look for wedding venues & photographers near me? Weddings are intensely personal and celebratory events, and while it might sound romantic to get married on a beach in Bali (random example, I know) choosing a venue in a part of the country that you’re familiar with, or even where you grew up, will mean that you’ll be able to visit after the wedding and it will hold more meaning for you.
  2. By choosing a wedding venue that is in your local area, it’s more likely that close family and friends that you grew up with will be able to attend your wedding.
  3. Keeping it local will also help with the planning of your wedding as you’ll be able to visit the venue more often and make the most of other local suppliers such as florists and DJs that are recommended by the venue. As a wedding supplier I’m fortunate to be recommended by a number of wedding venue near me, including Pembroke Lodge, Gate Street Barn, Thames Rowing Club, The Bombay Sapphire Distillery and Cain Manor.
  4. Helping to support local business. Like many photographers near me, the wedding industry is made up of many small businesses and local entrepreneurs. From the growers of locally produced food and drink, to the dress maker who is able to make a last minute alteration to your dress! Keeping it local is becoming more and more popular as couples increasingly take into consideration the environmental impact of their wedding.
  5. Hiring a local tog such as myself is also a wise move. Of course, like many professionals, I enjoy travelling further afield, but the safety of knowing that the person you’ve chosen doesn’t have far to travel, not only helps control costs, but will give you the reassurance that comes from knowing that they don’t have far to travel and that they are familiar with the venue.

Are You Also Looking For Wedding Photographers Near Me?

I’d love for you to check out more of my website. Jump on over to my portfolio or blog to see more of my work, or pop me a message via my contact page, and you’ll automatically receive an email reply with pricing details and lots more info to help plan your special day. No doubt, a wedding venue is one of the most important, and often one of the first decision you’ll need to make when planning your wedding, but when all is said and done it’s the people, your friends and family coming together, whether that’s in a stately home or a marque in a muddy field.

As a wedding photographer, I love photographing people, as well as visiting the kind of beautiful wedding venues featured on this page. If your wedding venues near me then I’d love to meet you there for a walk through before your wedding. I hope to hear from you soon!