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ramster hall wedding photographer

Recommended Ramster Hall Wedding Photographer

This much treasured wedding venue is family run so you can be assured of a friendly, personal service which pays attention to every detail.  Ramster Hall was one of the original private homes to be granted a licence for weddings and although they have been doing weddings for over 30 years “every wedding is still memorable and different!” I’m honoured whenever I’m called on as a Ramster Hall wedding photographer.

Ramster Hall Wedding Photographer

Ramster Hall, A Beautiful Wedding Venue Near Chiddingfold

At the last count, I’ve been fortunate enough to shoot about six weddings at Ramster Hall. Here’s one of my favourites! It’s a special place with a character all of it’s own, and there’s a real sense, for that one day at least, that the place really is all your own! Your guests are made to feel very comfortable, staff are friendly, and every always lets their hair down in the evening!

5 Reasons To Get Married At Ramster Hall

If you’ve just begun the process of planning for your wedding then, first of all congratulations, but secondly, do please take a moment to read my five reasons to chose Ramster Hall as your venue (and do of course take a peak at some of my favourite photos from one of my favourite wedding venues) It’s a wonderful place to photograph.

1 . A Perfect Wedding Venue No Matter The Time Of Year

As a regular Ramster Hall wedding photographer over the past few years, I’ve been fortunate enough to shoot at this beautiful wedding venue in all seasons. My first couple of visits were during the winter months, and while this may present certain challenges to a photographer, Ramster Hall always appears cosy and festive around Christmas time.

The warm tones of the wood, the large fireplace and the grand piano all help to create an amazing wow factor as your wedding guests gather for the ceremony on even the coldest of winter days, and in summer the wonderful landscape gardens present the perfect opportunity to escape for a while and capture some lovely portraits with your Ramster Hall wedding photographer.

2 . Fantastic Catering

One of the perks of being a wedding photographer is, being able to sample some great food (most of the time!) At Ramster Hall you’ll be guaranteed to eat well, and your guests will too! Jacaranda Catering, who have worked at Ramster Hall for many year, turn out plate after plate of restaurant quality food, always with a smile on their faces. I really don’t know how they do it!

I’ve witnessed delicate starters coming out one after the other from the kitchen, and on other occasions, huge sharing platters of roast beef and and all the trimmings, and don’t even get me started on the canapés! (No really, don’t, I might not be able to stop!) Getting the food at a wedding right, is so important, and with their years of experience, Jacaranda and Ramster Hall won’t let you down.

3 . Stunning Landscape Gardens For Your Portraits

Gone are the days of spending hours and hours on your wedding day posing for endless group photos (make sure you get one of auntie Jane and her cat!) but saying this, the courtyard at Ramster Hall is the perfect space for some informal family shots after your ceremony, and there’s even a secret little spot where your Ramster Hall wedding photographer can get an arial shot of all your guests.

And if you fancy taking a little stroll together as husband and wife, and escaping the guests for a while (there, I said it!) then the landscape gardens are a wonderful oasis, just a short walk from the house, and creates the perfect backdrop for a relaxed portrait session, and the opportunity to create a few timeless shots that will live on your mantlepiece forever!

4 . The Personal Touch

From the moment one arrives at Ramster Hall there is a sense that you’re being looked after, which is not always the case at some larger wedding venues. The whole team, lead by Rosie, at Ramster Hall welcome you to their home and are always on hand to help, particularly in those few nervous moments before the ceremony.

There is a wonderful history to Ramster Hall, that you can read about on their website, but in no way does this mean that they’re suck in their ways when it comes to your wedding day. As a Ramster Hall wedding photographer, I’ve see the ceremony room set up in different ways and ceilidh dancing the length of the Long Hall!

5 . A Unique Experience For You And Your Guests

How many wedding venues can boast an amazing collection of Japanese Samurai warriors, swords and shields! Not many, and they’re always a talking point for wedding guests. Along with oil paintings lining the walls, collections of books, and a grand piano, Ramster Hall is a feast for the senses, and really is a magical place, unlike any other.

Your wedding day is special, that’s taken for granted, and the reading during the ceremony, the time spent fine-tuning those speeches will create some amazing moments and memories! The location is secondary to all of these, but nevertheless plays a huge part in setting the tone for that one amazing day, a turning point in both your lives.

Natural Moments Wedding Photographer

I’m an award winning wedding photographer based in Guildford, with over ten years experience of shooting weddings. I shoot in a mostly documentary style, which means a little time for portraits and group photos, and lots of time for natural, candid storytelling “moment-driven” photos of you and your loved ones together. 


Ramster Hall Wedding Photographer

Ramster Hall is without doubt one of my favourite venues to shoot at! As a Ramster Hall wedding photographer I can’t get enough of the beautiful light that streams into the rooms and the logistics/layout of the spaces, although that might sound unimportant, makes shooting at Ramster such a pleasurable experience. If you’ve chose Ramster Hall as your wedding venue I’d love to hear from you!

Leading Documentary/Award Winning Wedding Photographer

Documentary photography, and my approach to shooting weddings in a journalistic style, is something that I feel passionately about. It’s about storytelling, it’s about stepping back at times to allow things to unfold in front of the camera, and about stepping in on occasions to capture the action!

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