Wedding Videographer Surrey


Ok, small confession to start off with! I’m not a wedding videographer Surrey. I’m a photographer, always have been, and as long as I’m able to, always will be! This page of my website is here to give a big shout out to some of the amazingly talented wedding videographers that I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside at Surrey weddings, and elsewhere in the UK. I hope that my experience of working with the best wedding filmmakers, and some of the tips and advice below, is therefore useful for couples who may be considering having a wedding videographer Surrey for their special day.


wedding videographer surrey


Wedding Videographer Surrey

Shooting weddings in Surrey, I’m often asked by my couples “should we hire a videographer?” or “can you recommend a wedding videographer Surrey?” to which I answer yes and yes! Moments like the one above make great photographs, but a wedding video of the moment will serve a slightly different purpose, and will mean that you can re-live the experience and what was said and the music and sounds of the moment. Great photos on the other tend to elevate a moment, freezing it in time and revealing details that may otherwise go unnoticed. 

What Does A Wedding Video Cost?

Ok, so this is a tricky one, and one that difficult to answer in a short blog post like this. Most wedding videographers will have at least an indication of their prices, or a starting from price on their website, and there are also directories such as Hitched that are a good place to start your research. However, with so much creativity possible within wedding videography it’s important to understand what you will be receiving for your investment. With your wedding videographer Surrey, as with all your wedding suppliers you must also do a reasonable amount of due diligence and make sure that as a business they are properly insured and have the equipment and experience to do the job.

Videographer For Weddings Near Me

As a wedding professional, couples with ofter ask me to recommend a videographer for weddings near me. Having worked in Surrey and the surrounding area for over ten years, I can honestly say that near me there are such talented wedding videographers and filmmakers who are able to capture your day artistically and sensitively.

There are many videographers based in Surrey, but wedding videographers are very willing to travel from further afield to Surrey. Where as couples often want to meet their photographer at their wedding venue before the big day, this is less of an issue for videographers and so you should feel more confident in hiring a videographer who may not have filmed at your venue before, and may be travelling further.

Wedding Filmmaker UK

Increasingly I’ve noticed that wedding videographers are becoming more experimental with their film and less literal, one could say. Rather than sticking rigidly to a chronological story telling of the wedding day, creative filmmakers are using abstract colour, ambient sound recordings from the day, and light to punctuate their films. For this reason wedding videographers are likely to enjoy working throughout the UK and experiencing and capturing a sense of place in their films.

Documentary Style Wedding Videography

You may have hired a documentary style photographer to capture your wedding and be looking for a videographer with a similar style. In a nutshell the documentary approach means minimal posing during the day, and using a camera setup that doesn’t intrude on the natural flow of the wedding. In videography terms this could mean using only handheld cameras, rather than tripods, shooting as a solo videographer rather than a team, and making the most of only ambient light, without the need for powerful lighting.

What’s The Best Camera For Wedding Videography?

So this is one for the wannabe wedding videographers out there, and a question that is surely not going to be settled easily! It’s often said that the best camera is the one you have in your hands at that moment, meaning that it is what you capture with your camera, not how you capture it, that is most important. However, to answer the question, in recent years there has been something of a revolution in mirrorless cameras that are both discreet and very powerful in terms of resolution and focussing capability, which open up all kinds of possibilities for wedding videographers. Look particularly at models such as the Canon R5 and Sony A7sIII for videography.

Should You Hire A Dedicated Wedding Videographer?

Whilst camera technology continues to develop (pardon the pun) year on year, and it’s now possible to record video and still images almost simultaneously, I believe that the skill required for both I quite different. As someone who’s seen many videographers at work I can tell you that they work quite differently to me. Quite apart from the additional responsibility of recording sound, a good videographer will also be thinking about constructing a short story quite differently to a photographer. The moving image seems to tug at our emotions in a way that photos don’t. Just think about your favourite movie moments.


the bride descending the stairs in her dress on the morning of her wedding in Surreythe best man and usher prepare the wedding car outside the bride's home in Surreythe wedding day chauffeur and bridesmaid enjoy a joke togethermother and father of the bride arrive at the wedding venue with their daughter on her wedding daya moving moment as the bride enters the wedding ceremony with her fatherwedding videosigning the wedding register as husband and wifecaught on camera the groom receives a hug for the mother of the groom wedding confetti bubbles captured on video and photo at Ramster Hall in Surreywedding guests enjoying the reception bubbleswedding portrait of husband and wifenewlyweds photographed at Ramster Hall in Surreythe bride with friends take their seats for the wedding breakfastreaction shot of wedding guests enjoying the father of the bride speechthe groom gives his speech recorded in their wedding video wedding guests leave messages of love and support for the married couplecutting the wedding cakewedding videography on the dance floor in Surreypartying at the end of an amazing wedding celebration


My Favourite Surrey Wedding Videographers

  1. Having worked with Elisse from Films in Bloom at a number of weddings I can honestly say that her approach to film making is one of the best I’ve seen. Her presence, and general demeanour on the wedding day put the couple and there wedding guests at ease instantly, and allows Elisse to capture films with great subtlety and joy.
  2. Richard and Mark at Devoted Films are such a positive influence on any wedding day. Working with these Surrey wedding videographers is a joy. They inspire each other and even inspire and gently encourage the couple to enjoy their day to the max, whilst also making the most of the situation to deliver stunning wedding films every time.
  3. Will at Cine Reportage is I believe almost unique within the wedding videography industry. In fact, he’s a bit of a hidden gem! Shooting only on Super 8 film (yes, real film!) his work not only documents what happened on your wedding day, but more importantly perhaps, how it felt!
  4. Andrea and Aaron at Reel Weddings are a husband and wife team that work seamlessly together to create epic wedding film with real emotion. Watching your wedding video back will feel like you’re starring in your very own Hollywood epic. Check out some of my photos from this Surrey wedding that we shot together HERE as an example of their wedding videographer Surrey.
  5. Mike Savory Wedding Films. Mike takes customer care to the next level! If you choose to work with Mike, you will be made to feel in such safe hands. His experience and calmness are a joy to behold on a busy wedding day and I don’t think I’ve ever seen him without a big smile on his face!
  6. Recently, I’ve also had the pleasure of working with James O’Halloran Studios. James was a total delight to work with and managed to produce a stunningly cinematic film for the couple without ever appearing to interrupt the natural flow of the day.
  7. Joe and his small team at The Arts House Wedding Videography have over 30 years industry experience between them and even offer a fun comedy sketch for the bridesmaids or groomsmen to film in one of their packages. Joe and his team pride themselves on providing excellent customer service, cinematic quality videos and boast all 5 star reviews across multiple platforms. They also have a wicked website!

Wedding Videographer FAQs

Q. Can a wedding videographer live stream my wedding ceremony?

Since the Covid pandemic this has become an increasingly popular service, that some videographers, and photographers have begun to offer. Quite apart from having one of your wedding guest set a Zoom call on their phone, live streaming done properly is a skilled operation and really needs someone dedicated to the camera set up and overseeing the live stream throughout the ceremony and other parts of the wedding day.

Q. Which are the best wedding venues in Surrey for videography?

Videographers love good light and finding different and unusual angles, and therefore venues such as Great Fosters in Surrey and Gate Street Barn are both exception venues for creative wedding videography in Surrey. Outdoor ceremonies look great on video and having lots of outdoor space might mean that your videographer can even capture some drone footage to add to your wedding video.

Q. Will wedding videography equipment intrude on my wedding?

This is a really great question. On the whole videographers are very inconspicuous on the wedding day. Gone are the days when big cameras, and even bigger tripods are needed to achieve professional wedding videos. Having a team of two videographers working together, may mean that equipment is not left set up, and can be moved away more quickly, although I have seen occasions when the ceremony isle is blocked by a tripod, which can lead to an awkward moment!

Q. When should I book my Surrey wedding videographer?

It used to be the case that couples may book a videographer as a last thought, if perhaps someone important was unable to attend the wedding, however, as videography has become more popular, and the opportunities to show off your video online and on social media, so the best wedding videographer Surrey has to offer have begun to get booked up soon. You should look to make enquiries with shortlisted videographers at least a year before your wedding.

Q. Can I hire someone to do photography and wedding videography?

This is certainly an option, but be under no elusion, photography and videography are very different disciplines, and require a different mindset. If you do hire someone to deliver both photo and video be sure to see examples of past work, so that you know what to expect. This is something that is likely to evolve over time as camera technology improves and there comes a time when high resolution still images can be grabbed from video footage.