He / Him

This Is Me! David

• Photography obsessed, obviously.
• I’ve loved shooting weddings for over 15 years.
• I enjoy mountain biking in the Surrey Hills.
• I once photographed Boris Johnson. Sorry!
• I lived in Italy for a year.
• Not on TikTok (Yet)

My Approach To Capturing The Best Day Of Your Life!

I won’t drag you away from your guests for hours on end! My photojournalistic approach is about the energy and interactions between the two of you and your guests, capturing not only how it looked, but how it felt to be there on your wedding day. I believe that every couple, and therefore every day is unique. Of course tradition is a part of most weddings, but the cookie cutter approach to wedding photography isn’t for me! I get such a great feeling knowing that I’m creating some of the most treasured pictures a couple will ever own. Pictures that can’t be staged or recreated but which capture the essence of your relationship and how you felt on the day. I love the honesty and subtlety of using natural light, and the impact of direct flash. My photography is all about capturing the real moments and emotions of your day, be it the nervous anticipation before the ceremony, the subtle little glances to one another as you read your vows, or the release of emotion on the dance floor when you realise what an amazing day you’ve just had.

If you’d like to read about the camera gear I use, and see some of the shots that I think define my style of photography, then check out this article on Shotkit.

My Photographic Journey

I first picked up a camera, in an artistic sense, aged sixteen, when I found my grandfather’s old camera lying in a desk drawer (that’s him and the camera below). I’d always been creative, and was captivated by the camera immediately. A few years, and many rolls of film later, off to art college I went to do a degree in photography. On graduating I began shooting for magazines, and gradually built my career. Highlights from this time included a year spent at FABRIC, Benetton’s communications research centre in Italy, exhibiting at Somerset House and photographing Boris Johnson! During this time I also taught an A-level in photography.

I shot my very first wedding in 2004, and soon became hooked! It’s always been the uniquely photographic elements of the medium that have attracted me to photography, those of capturing movement, energy, and emotion in a fleeting moment. At heart I’ve always been a documentary photographer, and hence why I think wedding photography is such a good fit.

Due in no small part to my grandfather’s keen interest in photography, we’re lucky enough as a family to have lots of amazing family photos and albums. They form an intriguing family history and definitely influence my wedding photography, as I think about how future generations will view my pictures.

The Photos

What's Included?

Flexible coverage to suit your day perfectly!

• A pre-wedding chat and venue visit.
• Ongoing advice and tips if needed.
• Photos by yours truly!
• Pictures fully edited by me.
• Online gallery to download, print & share.

Optional extras include: A relaxed engagement shoot or pre-wedding mini shoot, 2nd photographer, and a range of albums and prints. Also available for destination weddings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why ``Married to my Camera``?

I wanted to create a brand that was memorable and also a little bit out of the ordinary. Don’t go getting the wrong idea though, it’s not a legally binding marriage! I just hope it goes some way to conveying my commitment to photography.

How much do you charge?

I’ve tried to make my prices as fair and as flexible as possible. Starting with my popular ten hour coverage, you can simply add or subtract, £100 per hour, to get the coverage that’s perfect for your day. Take a few moments to fill out my contact form, and you’ll automatically be directed to lots more detail, and I’ll then be in touch to confirm my availability. You’ll also receive a handy little link with lots of other recommended suppliers, to help with your wedding planning.

Do you offer videography?

I believe in photography (and videography for that matter) as an art form. I’ve worked with some brilliant videographers who are experts at combining moving images, audio and music to create such emotive wedding films. I like to think that I bring the same expertise and passion to your photography, and I just feel that to try and do both simultaneously would compromise my photo coverage of your day. Get in touch though, and I’d be delighted to recommend a number of videographers that I’ve enjoyed working with over the years.

Have you shot at our venue before?

Send me a message and I’ll let you know asap. I’ve photographed at many of the top venues in Surrey and the South East, and it’s always exciting and inspiring to work somewhere new! I offer all of my couples a pre-wedding venue visit.

Will you take a photo of each of our guests?

It’s human nature, that within a large group of wedding guests there’ll be some more extrovert characters, and some guests that tend to shy away from the camera. Wedding photojournalism is about the story of your day. Most, if not all of your closest friends and family will be captured at some point, but I see it as my job to look for what makes your day special, and to capture that, in a way that will give you a sense of how it felt to be there on that day. I do offer to do a small number of group photos, and these are the best way to ensure a photo of your most important wedding guests.

Are you available for our wedding?

Popular dates can go quickly, and I often get booked over a year in advance of the wedding. The first step though is to get in touch and see if I’m available for your wedding day. From there we can find a convenient time for a chat, and if you’d like me to photograph your wedding, then there’s a £500 fee to secure the booking.

Are you insured?

Absolutely YES! I wouldn’t dream of going without proper insurance, and I carry a complete back up of all my gear to every wedding. My cameras even backs up all the pictures to a second memory card as I’m shooting, just in case the first memory card should fail.

How long do you shoot for on the day?

I love photographing the whole day, I even offer unlimited coverage, but I appreciate that not every wedding is the same, which is why I offer totally customisable coverage to suit your plans. Just fill out my contact form with a few details and you’ll be redirected to a webpage that explains my flexible pricing and coverage in lots more detail.

Will you visit our venue before the wedding?

I offer all my couples the opportunity of a venue meeting before the wedding. My recommendation is that we have a Zoom call first and leave the venue visit until closer to the wedding, when your timeline for the day is in place.

Do you work alone or with a second photographer?

Most of the time I work alone. I haven’t quite mastered the art of being in two places at once, but I love seeing the whole day unfold through my lens, and I feel that it gives a certain consistency to the pictures. Having said that, I have a number of both male and female assistant photographers that I’m able to call on, and what’s more, having a second photographer doesn’t have to blow the budget!


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Let’s see if I’m available for your wedding!