Micro Wedding Photographer

2020 was a strange and upsetting year for many, but one thing that it did reveal, is that I love my job as a micro wedding photographer, capturing affordable wedding photography, for couples that may have had to change their plans due to Covid. As we emerge from the pandemic, I can actually see that these, so called micro weddings, could increase in popularity, and be here to stay. This, in my opinion would be no bad thing!

Of course elopements and very small wedding ceremonies have always been with us, whether to make for a more affordable option, or to enable a couple to be more extravagant with the location of their wedding, but shooting the number of micro weddings (one or two are now on my blog, has given be a renewed appreciation for the marriage vows themselves, and for the role of photography to record the occasion, that may have been witnessed by just the closest family and friends.


Micro Wedding Photographer

Affordable Wedding Photography Perfect For A Micro Wedding Ceremony

Whether you’re having to arrange your small ceremony at the last minute, or an intimate elopement is what you’ve always wished for, I’m sure that you’ll want to keep an eye on the pursestrings. With that in mind, I’ve put together a very special offer for micro wedding photography of just £500 for 2 hours of coverage, a micro wedding being a celebration with up to 30 guests. If that suits your budget, and you’d like to have a chat, then I’d be delighted to hear more about your plans.

How To Have The Small Wedding Ceremony Of Your Dreams!

Planning a small micro wedding or elopement means that you should feel free to let your creativity run wild. Let’s face it, a big part of a wedding budget will normally go on food and drink for your guests, so the money you save here should free you up to perhaps consider a warmer destination for your wedding, or go for that pair of shoes you’ve been lusting over! You may of course want to spend extra on an extended honeymoon, or invest in a videographer, or a wedding album to really show off your pictures of the day.

Should You Hire An Elopement Photographer?

Many wedding photographers, myself included, love the hustle and bustle of a big wedding, but if you’re planning an elopement, then it’s important to hire a photographer that is also comfortable photographing a much smaller event. This could mean that they are willing to make suggestions on the day, and won’t make you feel awkward. It should almost certainly mean that they are willing to get to know you and listen to your requests in the build up to the wedding.

Covid Wedding, Book Your Ceremony With Confidence!

Any couple having to plan their wedding during Covid will tell you of the continual uncertainty they’ve faced. For that reason, if you’re planning your wedding during the pandemic, or you have guests that may be in an at risk group, then you’ll want to know you can book with confidence, and not lose out. For micro weddings I’m happy to pencil in your date, and the £500 fee is only due when you’re ready to book.


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Why I Love Photographing Small Micro Weddings


They reenforce my love of photography

In a year when emotions were naturally running high, shooting the micro weddings that I did, enabled me to really focus on my favourite aspects of photography, namely capturing the moments that perhaps in the excitement of the wedding day can be missed.

Time and space to create beautiful portraits

One of the nice things about a small wedding is that there aren’t quite the same pressures on your time, which means that your venue will most likely be flexible and allow us the time to get some really beautiful portraits. You might even want to stop off at a special location between your ceremony and reception to capture pictures of just the two of you, or with your wedding party.

Potential to use an unusual venue

With the laws surrounding where legal marriages in England can take place, currently under review, it’s likely that micro weddings will be able to take place in all kinds of venues and locations in future. You can really let your imagination run wild. Watch this space!!

Time to build a meaningful connection with the couple

As a micro wedding photographer I have the opportunity to really get to know the couple I’m photographing, as a more intimate wedding tends to be really personal to the couple getting married. I will also take the time to video chat with my couples before the wedding, to get a sense of the kind of ceremony they want, and crucially the importance of the guests they’ve chosen to be with them on their special day.

A greater focus on the meaning of marriage

One of the trends that I’ve noticed among couples choosing a small wedding, is that they place a lot of value on the marriage ceremony. That might sound obvious, but at a big wedding the ceremony itself can actually feel like a relatively small part of the day, and couples will often tell me that what they’re looking forward to most is the party, or having family and friends together, or simply the food and drink. 

Wedding Photographers from Our Wedding Memories

If you’re planning your intimate wedding, and looking for a local wedding photographer, even at short notice, then I’d love to get involved! Check my availability today.