Hampton Court House Wedding Photography

Hampton Court House Wedding Photography

Hampton Court House is in my opinion one of the best wedding venues in the area to photograph. Every now and then I find myself having a nostalgic looking back over some of my old work. Looking back recently over some of my favourite wedding venues in, I came across Mark and Kate’s beautiful day of Hampton Court House Wedding Photography. I then realised that in the height of the busy wedding season that I hadn’t shared it on my blog, so here it is! Photographed on what must surely have been one of the hottest days of the year, Hampton Court House really showed why it’s considered one of the very best wedding venues in Surrey.

As a photographer who likes to spend all day on my feet trying to capture every moment, it’s important to stay hydrated on days like this, but it’s in the summer sunshine (and heat) that one realises what a magical venue Hampton Court House is. See if you can spot the little clues that give away just how hot it was that day. From the extensive gardens bathed in sunshine, to the dappled shade provided by palm trees at the rear of the house, there are so many great photo opportunities, while the softer indirect light of the main hall and the red theatre room and conservatory offer some welcome relief from the heat of the day.




Hampton Court House Wedding Photography

Surrounded on all sides by parkland, Hampton Court House offers total exclusivity and privacy for your special day. There really is nowhere quite like Hampton Court House. The grandeur of the interior and an air of eccentricity about the place make you feel as though you’ve stepped into a Lewis Carol story.

Built in 1757 by the 2nd Earl of Halifax, Hampton Court House was intended as an extravagant gift for his beautiful mistress, Anna- Maria Donaldson. The Earl met Anna-Marie while she was singing at London’s Marylebone Gardens. Rumour has it that the Earl was so impressed by her, he reportedly ‘fainted with ecstasy’.

The house was designed by the renowned architect of the time Thomas Wright, who was also responsible for a number of other very special period features, such as the heart shaped lake and the exquisitely decorated shell grotto. If you’re considering Hampton Court House as your wedding venue I love to hear from you. Alternatively, you can also check out some of the other amazing Surrey venues that I’ve shot by following this link.