Tithe Barn Hampshire Wedding Photographer


Tithe Barn Hampshire Wedding Photographer

The Tithe Barn Hampshire Wedding Photographer

The Tithe Barn is a unique wedding and reception venue, set in the heart of the South Downs National Park. Imagine a stunning historic building in a glorious country setting, yours for exclusive use for the whole day.” As a Tithe Barn Hampshire Wedding Photographer it’s interesting to learn that the Barn appears and disappears from maps over the centuries and the origin of the present building is shrouded in mystery. “What we do know is that the Barn was originally of cruciate form, and it has been returned to this condition.”

Tithe Barn Hampshire Wedding Photographer

The Tithe Barn, A Beautiful Wedding Venue In The Hampshire Countryside

At the last count, I’ve been fortunate enough to shoot about eight weddings at The Tithe Barn. What sets the barn apart for other wedding venues, and makes it almost unique, is its sheer scale. A blank canvas if you will (all be it a canvas of beautiful stone!) to put your stamp on, and style your wedding the way you want it to be. See is one of my favourites The Tithe Barn

5 Reasons To Get Married At The Tithe Barn

If you’ve just begun the process of planning for your wedding then, first of all congratulations, but secondly, do please take a moment to read my five reasons to chose The Tithe Barn as your venue (and do of course take a peak at some of my favourite photos from this amazing Hampshire wedding venue) It’s a wonderful place to photograph.

1 . A Venue With Serious “Wow Factor”!

In all my years as a wedding photographer I really haven’t come across another wedding venue on quite the same scale, and with the same “wow factor” as when you step inside The Tithe Barn. The interior is almost cathedral-like in it’s scale and although the history of the barn is somewhat blurred, there are certainly nods to a religious past in the architecture. 

The church like space is why many couples opt for a ceremony in The Tithe Barn, with all the modern flexibility that having a civil ceremony allows. It’s so big that tables and chairs (discreetly screened off at the other end of the barn) can be played out and ready for a speedy switch around so that your wedding can go seamlessly from ceremony to reception.

2 . A Fantastic Winter Wedding Venue

It might just be by chance, but the majority of weddings I’ve photographed at The Tithe Barn have been in the middle of winter, and most memorably of all, on New Years Eve! On those dark winter days, The Tithe Barn provides a warm and inviting space for all your guests, where small venues would struggle to accommodate large numbers so comfortably.

The wedding above was on New Years Eve after a brief spell outside for sparklers and group photos, The Tithe Barn became the perfect setting to party all night to live music, and to celebrate, not only the wedding, but the new year too. The wedding below was also around Christmas time and with a brass band, gold wedding dress (and balloons), carol singing and even a visit from Santa it couldn’t have felt any more festive!

3 . A Fantastic Venue For Live Music

Every wedding is unique. Some are characterised by a long and extravagant ceremony, while others are about wonderful food. The Tithe Barn does that brilliantly by the way, but one of the things that many of the weddings I’ve shot at the barn have in common is great live music and a fantastic party, in which the dance floor is never empty.

I’ve witnessed a jazz band performing from the mezzanine floor as guests arrive from a ceremony at church, and I’ve enjoyed a full brass band performing during, and after the ceremony, and filling the space with wonderful music. It’s a great space for DJs too and I’ve enjoyed photographing wonderful games played between bride and groom with the encouragement of their DJ!

4 . Lots Of Opportunities For Portraits

Although I want my couples to enjoy their wedding day with family and friends, and my reportage approach is what couples hire me for, everyone accepts and wants a few special portraits of them together to mark the occasion. At The Tithe Barn there are a number of great locations around the barn without ever having to leave the wedding for very long.

There are beautiful trees and winding country roads that make a perfect back drop and even some very traditional stone walls and wooded areas to add a bit of interest and a pop of colour to your portraits. With clever posing and a bit of direction I’ll be able to get some relaxed shots of you together on your special day, even if you are the type that loathes being in front of the camera!

5 . Lots Of Outdoor Space

The lawned area in front of The Tithe Barn is huge. It’s a wonderful space for your guests to enjoy themselves in summer. There’s ample space for garden games like Jenga and skittles, or even a game of five aside football. If a festival style wedding is more your kind of thing, then why not have foot trucks provide the festival atmosphere on the lawn. 

There’s so much space around the barn that there’s even enough room to land a helicopter, as I found out a few years ago! What’s more, after the couple had had a flight, I was allowed up for a short ride, and we even did an arial group photo of all the guests. It was amazing to see The Tithe Barn from the air and really appreciate what a spacious venue it is.

Unobtrusive Wedding Photography

I’m an award winning wedding photographer based in Guildford, with over ten years experience of shooting weddings. I shoot in a mostly documentary style, which means a little time for portraits and group photos, and lots of time for natural, candid storytelling “moment-driven” photos of you and your loved ones together. 


The Tithe Barn Hampshire Wedding Photographer

I already have a lot of great memories from the weddings I’ve photographed at The Tithe Barn and the couples I’ve met, but I know there are many more memories to be made. If you’re considering The Tithe Barn as your wedding venue, or if you’ve already secured a booking, I’d love to hear from you and see if I’m the right photographer for you.

Leading Documentary Wedding Photographer

Documentary photography, and my approach to shooting weddings in a journalistic style, is something that I feel passionately about. It’s about storytelling, it’s about stepping back at times to allow things to unfold in front of the camera, and about stepping in on occasions to capture the action!

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