The Long Barn Wedding Photographer


The Long Barn Wedding Photographer

The Long Barn Wedding Photographer

Nestled in the picturesque village of Newton Valence, and with panoramic views of the rolling Hampshire countryside, The Long Barn really is is one of the most spacious and exquisite barns in the county. The split level space provides two distinct, adjoining areas. The top end provides the seating arrangement for just over 200 guests. The lower area is perfect for reception drinks and evening entertainment. Speaking as The Long Barn Wedding Photographer, I can guarantee that these spaces, and the quality of natural light in the barn are second to none.

The Long Barn Wedding Photographer

The Long Barn, A Beautiful Wedding Venue With A Panoramic Hampshire Landscape

With the potential to hold a beautiful outdoor ceremony, or simply as your reception venue, The Long Barn will form the backdrop to an amazing day. One full of memories, and with amply opportunities for great photographs in the grounds surrounding the barn or in the barn itself with aged wood beams and warm tones.

5 Reasons To Get Married At The Long Barn

If you’ve just begun the process of planning for your wedding then, first of all congratulations, but secondly, do please take a moment to read my five top reasons to chose The Long Barn as your venue (and do of course take a peak at some of my favourite photos from this amazing Hampshire wedding venue) It’s a wonderful place to photograph.

1 . A Beautiful Boho Style Wedding Venue

Wedding photography for me has always been about the interactions between people and capturing in a series of images a day that is such a momentous occasion, not only for the bride and groom but both families too. In those terms the venue for this coming together might not seem to matter, and yet it does.

A beautiful venue, well dressed with table plans, photo frames, flowers etc can be such a personal statement, and even create talking points for your guests. At The Long Barn, so much of the hard work is already done! No need to cover up or screen off unsightly areas. Instead you can celebrate the architecture and let it inspire your ideas. Perfect for a Boho summer wedding!

2 . Fantastic Catering Options

One of the perks of being a wedding photographer is, being able to sample amazing food. And at The Long Barn the number of recommended caterers (See the full list HERE) give you amble choice, and as a seasoned (and hungry) wedding professional, I can tell you that the dishes that these guys turn out is truly of restaurant quality.

I’ve witnessed delicate starters coming out one after the other from the kitchen, and on other occasions, huge sharing platters of roast beef and and all the trimmings, and don’t even get me started on the canapés! (No really, don’t, I might not be able to stop!) Getting the food at a wedding right, is so important, and with years of experience, the caters that supply The Long Barn won’t let you down.

3 . Beautiful Light

Now you’re going to have to indulge me for a second with this one, but the quality of the natural light that enters into the barn is an absolute dream to photograph! It may not be one of your main considerations when choosing a wedding venue, but it should be. It’s the kind of thing that us photographers get very excited about, and good light makes all the difference to your photos and video.

Softly diffused natural light, along with the warm tones of stone and wood that make up the interior of the barn, all contribute to creating an almost unique light that is extremely flattering to skin tones and makes everyone look great. Combined with fairy lights in the ceiling and some beautiful table decorations and you’ve got all the ingredient necessary for your photographer to work their magic!

4 . An Epic Party Venue

Everybody loves a good party, and in combination with my *Unlimited photographic coverage, The Long Barn makes the perfect wedding venue for an epic party to celebrate with your extended family and friends. The starry backdrop to the dancefloor is just perfect for adding that wow factor to your first dance.

As the evenings festivities progress, your guests will be grateful for easy access to the gardens and the dinning area is quickly turned around for those of your quests who’d rather sit and continue conversations into the night. The bar area, located in the centre of the barn creates an attractive focal point and when it comes time to go, consider a sparkler exit or have your car whisk you away as your guests wave you off on honeymoon.

5 . Great Personal Service

You’ll naturally want everything on your big day to run like clockwork, and Kelvin the general manager and wedding co-ordinator at The Long Barn is on your side! Along with his team, are able to make everything run smoothly. Like the proverbial swan paddling frantically under the water, Kelvin’s years of experience mean reassuring calm is all you’ll see on the surface!

In order to give you ample opportunity to personalise the barn yourself, The Long Barn allow access the day before your wedding and the day after for clearing. Your wedding should be a personal expression of thanks to everyone who’s got you to this point in your lives, and a statement of who you are as a couple. The Long Barn in Hampshire is the perfect venue in this regard.

Hampshire Wedding Photographer

I’m an award winning wedding photographer, with over ten years experience of shooting weddings. I shoot in a mostly documentary style, which means a little time for portraits and group photos, and lots of time for natural, candid storytelling “moment-driven” photos of you and your loved ones together. 


Wedding Barn Wedding Photographer

The Long Barn is without doubt one of my favourite Hampshire wedding venues to shoot at! As a Long Barn wedding photographer I can’t get enough of the beautiful light that streams into the space and the wonderful layout of the barn that lends itself so well to a good party! If you’ve chosen The Long Barn as your wedding venue I’d love to hear from you! 

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