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Recommended Pembroke Lodge Wedding Photographer

I’m delighted to be a Pembroke Lodge Wedding Photographer. Pembroke Lodge is one of the most popular Wedding Venues in London. The Lodge is a unique Grade II listed Georgian Mansion situated at the highest point of the largest Royal Park within London. The building is steeped in history with many royal, political and military connections. 

Pembroke Lodge Wedding Photographer

Pembroke Lodge, A Stunning London Venue In The Heart Of Richmond Park

Pembroke Lodge is a beautiful Georgian Mansion in the heart of Richmond Park, we are the only licensed venue within the park. The Lodge is located in 11 acres of beautifully landscaped grounds with outstanding photographic opportunities and spectacular views over the Thames Valley. Check out one of my shoots as aPembroke Lodge wedding photographer HERE.

Pembroke Lodge Richmond Park: 7 Reasons To Get Married At This Beautiful wedding Venue

Check out below, some of my favourite shots from Pembroke Lodge and my top reasons to choose this wonderful venue, and me as your Pembroke Lodge wedding photographer. It’s one of my all time favourite London venues and I’m proud to be a recommended Pembroke Lodge wedding photographer. I’d be delighted to meet with you for a walk around Pembroke Lodge and a chat about your wedding over a cup of tea in the tea room at Pembroke Lodge.

1 . An Amazing Setting

Set in the heart of Richmond Park, your guest’s approach to Pembroke Lodge on your wedding day will blow them away! You might get stuck behind a cyclist or two, but that’ll just give you more time to look for some of the deer that roam around the park. Once inside the gates of Pembroke Lodge the panoramic landscape view of London from the back of the lodge is stunning.

For couples willing to pay a little extra for a photography permit, Richmond Park itself is a wonderful landscape for a pre wedding engagement shoot, or a quick stroll and a bit of time to yourself on the big day, and of course an opportunity to create some iconic portraits together. Early evening can often be the best time as the light in the park can be amazing.

2 . Two Bright and Airy Rooms

The Belvedere on the ground floor of Pembroke Lodge is a special place with large windows along one side, facing onto the terrace and panoramic views over London. Able to seat 140 guests during your ceremony and the same number for your wedding breakfast, the space caters perfectly to a large number of guests, and that number can increase to 200 for your evening party.

The Russell Suite on the first floor works perfectly for slightly smaller weddings of up to 70 guests. Also on the first floor are adjoining rooms and a bar area for your guests to relax, and the number in the evening can increase to 100. With equals impressive views of the park and views across the city, The Russell Suite is the perfect space for that intimate family oriented wedding.

3 . A Beautifully Proportioned Venue

It’s the case with some wedding venues that they can seem a bit too big and overwhelming, not to mention having other guests and members of the public wondering around. Whilst Pembroke Lodge is situated in the middle of one of Londons most popular royal parks, it still manages to feel private and perfectly proportions so as not to feel overwhelming.

Whether you opt for The Belvedere or the Russell Suite you’ll be made to feel comfortable in these spaces and your guests will feel right at home in rooms that are full of atmosphere and excitement on the wedding day. The recent addition of a terrace to the side of Pembroke Lodge is also the perfect spot to mingle and enjoy champagne and canapés after the ceremony. 

4 . Fantastic Catering

One of the many perks of being a wedding photographer is that you get to sample some pretty exceptional catering, and nowhere is that more true at the weddings I’ve photographed as a Pembroke Lodge wedding photographer. I’m not too sure how they do it, but they manage to turn out restaurant quality food for all your guests, on time and to an exceptionally high standard.

Of course you’re family and friends are there to celebrate with you and support you in your marriage, but if you’ve ever been a guest at a wedding you’ll also know just how important it is to keep your guests happy and with a smile on their faces, and what better way to do that than with exceptional food and drink and top notch service.

5 . A Venue You Can Visit Time And Time Again

How amazing would it be to choose a wedding venue that you can come back to time and time again and trigger all those memories of that amazing day you spent with family and finds on your wedding day. Well, at Pembroke Lodge you can do just that! Pembroke Lodge is open all year round and it’s a great day out with kids too, just saying!

Pembroke Lodge is an ideal stop off for cyclists enjoying Richmond Park or walkers enjoying the wildlife on view throughout the park. Access to Richmond park is free and there’s even an ice cream stall and hot food and drinks available at the entrance to Pembroke Lodge, or come inside for a very civilised light lunch from the Butler’s Pantry.

6 . A Brilliant Team!

Let’s face it, most couples getting married will be doing so for the first, and hopefully only time in their lives. For that reason choosing the right Pembroke Lodge wedding photographer for you, is no easy task. No matter how many weddings I photograph, it pays to remember this, and it’s something that I think the fantastic team at Pembroke Lodge are aware of too. They are brilliant at supporting their couples as they plan their day and helping to the wedding run smoothly on the day.

Whether that means helping out the guys with their buttonholes before the ceremony (something that everyone seems to struggle with) to adapting Pembroke Lodge in light of recent Covid restrictions, not to mention handling postponed weddings with compassion for every couple, the team behind the scenes and front of house at Pembroke Lodge will help make your dream wedding a reality, and make photographing at Pembroke such a please. I’m delighted to be a recommended Pembroke Lodge wedding photographer.

7 . Outdoor Ceremony Options

Rules around where a legal wedding ceremony can take place in the UK, have for a long time been rather restrictive. Thankfully however, in recent years the popularity in having an outdoor ceremony have increased among couples, and at Pembroke Lodge they’ve responded to this increased interest by making two spaces available depending of whether you’ve hired the Russel Suite or The Belvedere. 

Photographing an outdoor ceremony as a recommended Pembroke Lodge wedding photographer is so much fun and the recommended musicians and florists at Pembroke can bring so much energy and colour to the ceremony space that will inevitable show through in your photos. For lovers of the outdoors, you can tie the knot surrounded by nature and from the terrace of the Belvedere Suite, you and your guests will be wowed by the panoramic views over London, and mature trees that surround the ceremony space.

London Wedding Photographer

I’m an award winning wedding photographer based in Guildford, and just a short drive from Pembroke Lodge. I have over ten years experience of shooting weddings in a documentary style, which means a little time for portraits and group photos, and lots of time for natural, candid storytelling “moment-driven” photos of you and your loved ones together. 


Pembroke Lodge Wedding Photographer

If you’re considering Pembroke as your wedding venue then what a great choice! You’ll no doubt be wanting to hire an experienced Pembroke Lodge wedding photographer. I’d love to meet you there to find out about your plans for the big day and how my photography might be the right fit for you. I love finding out about a couple’s plans and I’d be happy to take a walk and show you some of my favourite spots around this magnificent venue.

Leading Documentary/Award Winning Wedding Photographer

Documentary photography, and my approach to shooting weddings in a journalistic style, is something that I feel passionately about. It’s about storytelling, it’s about stepping back at times to allow things to unfold in front of the camera, and about stepping in on occasions to capture the action!

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