Syon Park Wedding Photographer


Syon Park Wedding Photographer

*Offer* I include a 2nd photographer free with all Syon Park bookings. Quote: “Syon2” in your enquiry.

I’ve loved photographing at Syon Park! I’ve been fortunate to shoot at this stunning wedding venue a couple of times over the years, and each visit to Syon Park is special. Having a 2nd photographer for your day (normally priced at £500) means more complete coverage of the build up to the ceremony, and throughout the day. From getting ready to your first dance, a second professional Syon Park wedding photographer will compliment my documentary coverage perfectly.

Syon Park Wedding Photographer

Syon Park Wedding Photographer

Syon is one of the last great houses of London, and has been in the family of the present owners for more than 400 years. Profoundly historic, the House holds a wealth of art within its grand classical interiors, while the Park and Gardens feel like deep countryside, although barely nine miles from Charing Cross. It’s a wonderful place to marry and to be a Syon Park Wedding Photographer.

Syon Park, A Stunning London Wedding Venue Set In A Beautiful Landscape

Syon Park is a rare thing! A premium wedding venue, within easy reach of central London, but with wide open spaces, landscape gardens, and a sense of wonder and glamour that that is hard to find anywhere else. It really is a perfect wedding venue. There is even a Hilton hotel on site!

5 Reasons To Get Married At Syon Park

Just five I hear you say! Take a short walk around this wonderful venue and you’ll quickly discover that there are many more reasons to choose Syon Park as your wedding venue, but in this piece I’ve rounded up what I feel are the main characteristics that set this wonderful venue apart from others, and why it’s such a joy to photograph.

1 . Amazing Locations

As soon as you arrive at Syon Park you’ll be bowled over by the impressive facade of the house and its approach. Once inside you have the choice of two spaces to hold your ceremony. The light and bright Great Hall, or the more intimate and cosy State Dining Room. From there you’ll be able to move to the Inner Courtyard, before making your way to the Great Conservatory.

It’s hard to think of any other wedding venue that has the ability to take you and your wedding guests on such an amazing journey throughout the day, surprising you at every turn and proving such a stunning backdrop. Syon Park is practical too. With a great mix of indoor and outdoor spaces to cater for any season and any weather!

2 . Increadible History

Syon Park has 600 years of history, dating back to the time of the great medieval Abbey.  Yet there is an earlier story, stretching back through the Roman era, and into prehistory. Entering the imposing front door to the magnificent Great Hall, visitors step back in time and see the Doric columns of a Roman Basilica, which realised Adam’s instruction to create ‘a palace of Graeco-Roman splendour’.

The House was opened to the public and a major garden festival opened in 1968 to cater to the burgeoning interest in domestic gardening.  One of the first garden centres was opened and a series of show gardens, sponsored by magazines and nurseries, were installed throughout.  Most  of these modern features have now been removed, leaving the essential Syon: a magnificent historic house with very important interiors set in a grand landscape of trees and meadows, of walks and vistas.

3 . Comfortable For All Your Guests

Within easy reach of Central London, and with Heathrow airport near by, and even a Hilton Hotel on site, Syon Park is ideal for wedding guests coming from overseas. The Great Hall at Syon is able to seat 120 while the Great Conservatory is able to seat up to 160 for your reception, and the Walled Garden Marquee is able to accommodate a staggering 600 guests!

The outdoor space at Syon Park also suits a large wedding party with ample space to roam around the gardens and relax on the lawn during Summer.

4 . Do things Your Way!

The best thing about Syon Park is that it can cater to all kinds of cultural wedding celebrations. Whether you choose to hold your ceremony elsewhere and arrive at Syon Park for your reception, or conduct a small legal ceremony in the State Dining Room perhaps, followed by a larger outdoor ceremony, the team at Syon Park can make it happen for you. 

Whether it’s a Jewish ceremony in the Great Hall or a large Indian ceremony in the Walled Garden Marquee, Syon Park has the space and flexibility to cater to your wedding, the way you want it, and that all before the Great Conservatory is transformed into an amazing party venue with lights and sounds that will have your guests dancing the night away!

5 . Feel Like A Star!

Rather unsurprisingly, Syon Park has been the back drop to many film and tv dramas, a location for fashion shoots and hosted more than it’s fair share of celebrity weddings! Despite its impressive pedigree though, on the day of your wedding Syon will be all yours and the team have a way of making the day very special. 

You’ll no doubt want to spend the majority of you’re wedding day celebrating with family and friends, but what a shame it would be to have the wonderful rooms of Syon House and the gardens, and not use them as the setting for a few glamorous portraits of the two of you as husband and wife. Whether we use the almost iconic Long Gallery or the Great Conservatory as the backdrop, you’re sure to have a set of wedding portraits to treasure forever.

London Wedding Photographer

I’m an award winning wedding photographer based in the leafy suburbs, just a short drive from Syon Park. I have over ten years experience of shooting weddings in a documentary style, which means a little time for portraits and group photos, and lots of time for natural, candid storytelling “moment-driven” photos of you and your loved ones together. 


Syon Park Wedding Photographer

If you’re choosing to marry at Syon Park, I’d be delighted to join you for a walk around the grounds and to answer any questions you might have about your photography. I’m also able to offer recommendations for videographer that I work particularly well with, and for larger weddings I’m able to provide a second photographer.

Leading Documentary/Award Winning Wedding Photographer

Documentary photography, and my approach to shooting weddings in a journalistic style, is something that I feel passionately about. It’s about storytelling, it’s about stepping back at times to allow things to unfold in front of the camera, and about stepping in on occasions to capture the action!

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