Gate Street Barn Wedding Photos


Gate Street Barn Wedding Photos

Gate Street Barn Wedding Photos

Gate Street Barn was the location of one of the very first weddings I ever shot, and I’m delighted to now be one of their recommended photographers. I taught at one of the schools nearby and shot the wedding of one of the other teachers, with lots of our colleagues in attendance. Gate Street is one of most well established barn wedding venues near my home. Check out one of my favourite Gate Street Barn wedding photos barn HERE.

Gate Street Barn Wedding Photos

Gate Street Barn, An Oasis Of Calm In The Lush Countryside

Just a short drive from the centre of Guildford, Gate Street Barn is a private, yet welcoming venue, that seem to give you a little hug as you walk through its doors. Gate Street Barn is built in the traditional style using wood from oak trees lost on the farm in the 1987 hurricane. It boasts landscaped gardens and even views of a hobby herd of English Longhorn cattle.

6 Reasons To Get Married At Gate Street Barn

If you’ve just begun the process of planning for your wedding then, first of all congratulations, but secondly, do please take a moment to read my five reasons to chose Gate Street Barn as your venue (and do of course take a peak at some of my favourite photos from this amazing wedding venue) It’s a wonderful place to photograph.

1 . A Perfectly Proportioned Wedding Venue

Not so big that it feels overwhelming, Gate Street Barn is to my mind, perfectly proportioned to make you feel at home, and comfortable on a day when the nerves might be jangling! The enclosed courtyard at the front of the barn is the perfect area for family to gather after the ceremony for some formal group photos, while guests stretch their legs and catch up with one another in the garden to the rear.

Renovation to Gate Street Barn in recent years have made what was already a wonderful venue, into one that has even more light and space to enjoy. The new Orangery offers protection if the great British weather isn’t on your side, and it connects the barn to the Pheasantry, a lovely space for your guests to congregate before the ceremony, and to relax in the evening.

2 . Adaptable & Always Evolving

Way back in I think 2007, I photographed my first wedding at Gate Street Barn. It was a beautiful Surrey wedding venue then, but as I write this, I’m reminded of the saying “The only constant in business is change”. It’s a saying that is certainly relevant to my own area of photography, but it seems to be a mantra that the team at Gate Street Barn have also taken to heart in recent years.

During my last Gate Street Barn wedding photography, I was delighted to see how recent renovation had transformed the bridal prep room beyond recognition! The space is now flooded with natural light and the increase in space makes for a very calming atmosphere (or as much as is possible in the hours leading up to your wedding!) For couples wanting to do things a little differently, there are now wonderful outdoor spaces to tie the knot, and a fantastic list or recommended suppliers to help make your dream wedding a reality. Well done team!

3 . Great DJ And Live Music Venue

Staff at the barn are expert in turning around the space from the wedding breakfast to “party mode” in record time, and after dark, with the barn filled with music and lights, you and your guests will have a night to remember! There’s still plenty of room for some seating and tables and break out areas for a photo booth, evening food to be served, or for guests to mingle at the bar.

Chris at Chess Disco, Gate Street Barns “in-house” DJ is one of the kindest people you could ever hope to meet. He must have worked 1000s of weddings in his time but is still able to give every couple the care and attention on their day that you would expect. I’ve also seen some great life bands at the barn are there are plenty to choose from on their website.

4 . Wonderful Opportunities For Portraits

In my experience, no couple wants to be dragged away from their wedding for too long, but they would like to spend a bit of time together and create some memorable shots. The layout at Gate Street Barn is perfect to take a short walk with your photographer, creating a set of pictures along the way that make the most of the backdrop and the land that surrounds the barn.

As someone with experience of shooting at Gate Street Barn throughout the year, I can also recommend locations that won’t have you shivering in winter, or tricking for too long on a hot summers day. The first step in creating a nice set of portraits is to set the right mood, and Gate Street Barn does this throughout the seasons.

5 . Space For The Bride And Groom

You might feel you want to get ready at home, and it’s lovely to capture photos when you’re surrounded by things that might trigger childhood memories, in a space where you feel comfortable, but at Gate Street Barn space is available for both you and your other half, to get ready before the ceremony.

As a documentary wedding photographer I love to capture as much of the day as possible. At Gate Street Barn, if there are natural lull in the activity in one area, or you need a bit of privacy, I’ll take myself off to another area of the barn, and show you in your pictures the other stories that were going on in the build up to the ceremony.

6 . Fabulous Catering

Over many years Gate Street Barn have build up a fantastic selection of approved caterers that deliver exceptional food. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing amazing dishes emanate from the kitchen. Ive seen dishes that have little twists to suit the couple, I’ve seen big sharing platters and I’ve seen cake and desserts served on the lawn after the speeches. 

There’s even a fire pit if you like toasting marshmallows and making s’mores! Your guests will enjoy your day no matter what, but getting the catering right, will guarantee that everyone has an amazing time. From the beautifully presented canapés that come out after the ceremony, to an evening hog roast or pizza van, the food at weddings is one element the lingers in the memory for a long time.

Gate Street Recommended Photographer

I’m a documentary style wedding photographer based in Guildford just a short drive from Gate Street Barn. I have over ten years experience of shooting weddings. My approach to weddings means a little time for portraits and group photos, and lots of time for natural, candid storytelling “moment-driven” photos of you and your loved ones together. 


Gate Street Barn Wedding Photos

Gate Street Barn is a very special venue for me. It holds great memories of the weddings I’ve shot there over the years, and I know holds many more memories for all the couples that have ties the knot there over the years. It has a lovely relaxed vibe that would suit any modern couple who want to create a special day for themselves, their family, and all their guests.

Leading Documentary/Award Winning Wedding Photographer

Documentary photography, and my approach to shooting weddings in a journalistic style, is something that I feel passionately about. It’s about storytelling, it’s about stepping back at times to allow things to unfold in front of the camera, and about stepping in on occasions to capture the action!

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