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Favourite Frames – The Inbetweeners

No not the slightly risqué tv series that you can’t bear to watch with your parents present, but the kind of wedding photos that represent those little in-between moments during the day when the main action may be happening elsewhere or about to happen. It was John Lennon who said “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”, and that’s kind of how I feel about moments like this one of Carla waiting patiently in the car, before being given the go ahead to walk down the aisle with her dad. Although moments like this one may not be the first you’d think of when imagining how your wedding pictures will look, I feel they’re important all the same. They help to flesh out the story of the day and connect the more traditional moments. Shots like this are also a good demonstration of why I don’t work from a shot list. Instead, I try to trust my instincts and stick with a situation for as long as possible, if I think it will yield a successful image.

Shots like this are also a really good reason to hire a 2nd photographer on your wedding day. On this occasion I was shooting for Moritz Schmittat Photography which gave me that extra bit of freedom to pursue these less obvious moments. I shoot the majority of weddings my myself, but also enjoy bringing in other talented photographers when its requested, and in recent years I’ve also chosen to assist other photographers more often. I see it as a great way to stay fresh and continue to develop as an artist.