Nancarrow Farm Wedding Photography

Nancarrow Farm Wedding Photography

It was a total joy to travel down to Truro in Cornwall for Helen and Dan’s Nancarrow Farm wedding photography, last summer. Events that were spread over two days, were a coming together of two families, with all generations enjoying the hospitality of Nancarrow Farm, the beautiful surroundings, games and amazing food & drink! We were blessed with warm weather throughout, which gave something of a destination feel to the wedding, and the relaxed vibe of Nancarrow Farm, due in part to the onsite accommodation they’re able to provide, went a long way to calming any of those pre-wedding nerves, and made for such a positive and memorable day!


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Family Focussed Nancarrow Farm Wedding Photography

I’d actually done my degree in photography with Dan and his best man, so it was lovely to reunite after all this time. I felt immediately welcomed by friends and family when I arrived at Nancarrow Farm for pre-wedding drinks the evening before the wedding. I documented the drinks reception for them, and it was a great opportunity to get a feel for the venue, and the general vibe of the wedding. The owners of Nancarrow Farm have created a stunning wedding venue that is so versatile and picturesque.

The main building at Nancarrow Farm is the Grade II Listed Mill House, with ceremonies typically taking place in the restored hay barn, or weather permitting outdoors. The reception space is equally impressive as it seats up to 130, and is open to the kitchen, where the most amazing food is produced. Couples are even able to create their own bespoke wedding feast.

The Morning of the Wedding

You can read more about my documentary approach to wedding photography on my home page, but one of my favourite things is when I’m able to capture both the bride and groom getting ready before the ceremony. It really adds to the story of the day, and with the ample accommodation on site at Nancarrow Farm, it made it really easy to capture all the build up to the main event!

Helen was getting ready in the Chicken Shed (trusts me, like everything at Nancarrow Farm, it’s been beautifully renovated to provide a secluded and peaceful space for the bride to get ready, just a stones throw from the ceremony space). I was also able to capture garden games being set up, and family all chipping in to provide flowers and cake, while excitement began to build among the kids.

The Marriage Ceremony

The ceremony itself was perfect. It took place in the Hay Barn at Nancarrow Farm, and was full of laughter (and a few tears) and in combination with diffused natural light, was just perfect of a wedding photographer like myself who likes to capture moments and reactions as they happen. Helen and her dad made a very impressive entrance into the ceremony, and the space in and around the barn meant that I was able to capture things from different angles, without causing a distraction.

The culmination to any great ceremony is the confetti throwing and the barn at Nancarrow makes the perfect backdrop to this moment which is always such a great celebratory moments, and sets the tone for the rest of the day.

The Wedding Reception & Games

Weddings can often be quite an adrenaline rush as you go from one emotional moment to another. It’s one of the things I love about my job, but I also love the opportunity to slow the pace down from time to time and enjoy the process of capturing more creative images. This was certainly the case with this Nancarrow Farm wedding photography, as the reception stretched into the afternoon, and everyone was able to spend the time outdoors enjoying the warm weather and garden games.

The speeches were even able to take place outside, which I thought worked perfectly, and after a very enjoyable wedding breakfast, there was still enough light for a quick game of cricket! I’m not sure if there was a winner, but everyone was certainly still on good terms and ready to party once the barn had been cleared and set up for the party to get under way!


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Why I Love Nancarrow Farm Wedding Photography

  1. I said it above, but it’s worth repeating that one of the best things about Nancarrow Farm wedding photography is that everything you could possibly want is all on one site. You might want a church wedding, or you may want to get ready at home, but weddings that take place all at one venue are so enjoyable to photograph in a documentary way, as you’re able to respond to everything that’s going on, and tell the story the day from an angle that the couple might not have seen.
  2. Nancarrow Farm wedding photography wouldn’t be the same without the beautiful backdrop of the venue itself. The layout and colours and textures of all the buildings lift the spirits and are a dream to photograph. Light bounces around and floods the indoors spaces too, and whenever I speak to my couples they always say they’re drawn to my bright and timeless colours, as well as my classic black and whites.
  3. One of the perks of being a wedding photographer is getting to eat great food, and for food lovers Nancarrow Farm should definitely be on your list to checkout. It’s clear that the chefs at Nancarrow take huge pride in using great local produce to create simply stunning dishes. During a long day of Nancarrow Farm wedding photography I was so glad to be well fed and I was so grateful to keep my energy levels up throughout the day.
  4. As soon as I arrived for Helen and Dan’s Nancarrow Farm wedding photography, I was transported to a calm and tranquil setting that made me feel as though I was no longer in the UK. I occasionally take on destination weddings, and in the hight of summer, it certainly felt as though we were in the south of France or Italy. For anyone considering a destination wedding, but without the hassle of international travel, Nancarrow Farm is a great option.
  5. Similar to some of the points above, the rural setting of Nancarrow Farm means that it really makes you feel as though you have total freedom to enjoy all the facilities at the venue. It also means that there aren’t the same restrictions that might exist in a city venue or a venue that’s also open to other clientele. With my Nancarrow Farm wedding photography this meant that we could set up garden games on the lawn, music could play late into the night, and all in a really family friendly child safe setting.