St Pancras Station Wedding Photography


 St Pancras Station Wedding Photography

Ever since first meeting up with Nasreen and Liam to discuss their wedding plans, I knew that their London wedding was going to be one of the highlights of my 2014 season, and so it proved to be! I’ve certainly noticed over the years that my couples have become more and more adventurous with their wedding plans. Whether this is down to websites like Pinterest or the growth of wedding blogs that offer couples so much inspiration, I’m not so sure, but it certainly makes my job a lot of fun. Nasreen and Liam however took things to a whole new level! Their surreal sense of fun and playfulness made for a totally unique and personal day. From the big decision, such as the choice of venues, to the smallest detail such as Liam’s Lego cufflinks and Nasreen’s button bouquet, everything had been chosen with such love and care. To hold their ceremony on the platform at St Pancras Station was an inspired choice, and had all the romance that one would expect from such a breathtaking location.

From St Pancras it was on to the second venue of the day for the reception. The Crypt on the Green in Clerkenwell is an incredibly atmospheric space that had been beautifully dressed to continue the theme, with toy train sets on the tables and Lego for everyone to play with, not to mention a few inflatable and toy dinosaurs for good measure, well why not!

Once the food had been eaten and some very emotional speeches given, it was on with the music. The Hackney Colliery Band are certainly not your conventional, run of the mill wedding band! I would urge anyone to check out their music online but of course nothing could compare to hearing them live. Their energy and music filled the room and had everyone up on their feet. As they say on their website, they can “blow the roof off any room”.

Please feel free to leave your comments and share my St Pancras Station Wedding Photography blog using the social media buttons at the bottom of the page. More pictures of Liam and Nasreen’s wedding can also be enjoyed over on the Whimsical Wonderland Weddings blog.

These and many more photos of Liam and Nasreen’s amazing day are available for guests to purchase online. Please contact the happy couple for access to their online album.

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  1. Rosemary Brooker
    April 22, 2014 / Reply

    What a lovely collection of photos showing a really joyous occasion. I especially like the black and white architectural prints.

  2. Mr Smith World Photography
    May 17, 2014 / Reply

    Great post and fabulous photos!

  3. March 21, 2015 / Reply

    Love that venue, would love to shoot there again

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