surrey wedding barn

Favourite Frames – Surrey Barn Wedding

This image was not only one of my favourite frames from Kate and Peter’s wedding this summer, but also happens to be my very last shot of the day. As a reportage wedding photographer, I always have one eye on telling the story of the day and how images will work in sequence, whether that’s in a slideshow or in the couple’s wedding album. That’s why I love this picture, as it sums up that late stage of the day. The way it captures so much activity in the one frame, from the dance floor action to the slightly, lets say more mature guests, looking on from the safety of their tables. There’s a quote by the famous war photographer Robert Capa that goes “If your photographs aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough”. Now don’t get me wrong, I love getting great party shots close up, but in this instance the wider tableau really works, and made the perfect image with which to end on.

Burchatts Farm Barn is a 16th century converted barn situated in Stoke Park in the heart of Guildford. Kate had put so much thought into the vintage styling of the day that I really wanted to make sure I captured the atmosphere in my pictures. After a beautiful ceremony at Artington House in Guildford I rode with the couple in a vintage camper van to the venue, stopping off at the ornamental gardens in Stoke Park for their portrait session. I hope you agree that the lighting and the warm tome of the image is also what makes it look so spectacular. A big part of what defines my style of photography is the ability to capture atmosphere without needing to use flash. This is really useful during the ceremony to remain discrete, but as night time closes in, it’s the venue’s own lighting and disco lights that really help to define the mood. By capturing that I hope my pictures will be able to transport the couple back to that moment every time they look at their pictures.

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