The Secret

What’s the secret to a long and happy marriage?

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There are so many characters and stories on the wedding day that are easily overlooked among the celebrations and focus on the newlyweds. While most of the attention is rightly on the newly married couple, I wanted to celebrate the longevity of marriage, and so in 2016 I decided to make a series of portraits of the longest married couples at each of the weddings I photographed. Each portrait is also accompanied by the sitter’s response to the question, What is the secret to a long and happy marriage? Their answers, at times funny and at times thought provoking, reveal the qualities needed and the journey couples have been on during, in some cases 50+ years of marriage.

I’ve always been draw to unfinished paintings whenever I see one hanging on a gallery wall. My mixed media portraits are intended to mimic the style of these unresolved oil paintings by some of the masters. The sitters were photographed individually on the wedding day, before being digitally montaged together and outputted as large format prints. The prints were then worked on by repeatedly layering ink, paint, pencil and charcoal in order to merge the photographic elements together.

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