York House Wedding Photographer

York House Wedding Photographer

One of the things I think about very carefully before shooting a wedding is how I’m going to get from one location to the next, and what photo opportunities might present themselves during these in-between moments of the day. When the whole wedding takes place at one venue it certainly make life a lot easier, but there’s also something really exhilarating about moving from one location to the next, and responding to the every changing light and energy, more photojournalistic street photography perhaps than strictly wedding photography!

As Sonya and Josh’s York House wedding photographer and with the reception later on at the Thames Rowing Club it was certainly one of those weddings when I was constantly on the move. For me the day began with Sonya getting ready while family and friends did their best to keep Sonya’s two girls entertained and away from the dress and bouquet! My plan was then to meet the guys on their walk to the pub where they would be meeting many of the other guests and getting a route master bus to York House. Once on the bus we were treated to a very entertaining guided tour by one of Josh’s mates, an act that didn’t go down particularly well with the rather over efficient bus driver, but had the rest of us in stitches.

The laughter didn’t end there, especially when the registrar was forced to delay the start of the ceremony do to a bit of a mix-up! The joke was most definitely on Josh and he wasn’t going to be allowed to forget it! After a beautiful ceremony it was all back onto the bus for the short ride to the Thames Rowing Club. An odd choice for a wedding reception you might think, but fantastic to photograph as it’s full of light and colour, and the staff take care of things so well. The large bar area is a great place for guests to mingle and with panoramic views of the Thames from the balcony, it has a real wow factor.

girls getting ready on the wedding morning the bride and her daughter boy jumping walking along the thames a fist bump with the groom friends waiting at the pub before the wedding on the way to the wedding the groom takes the bus to his wedding waiting with the route master bus guests enter the ceremony room ushers wait for the bride to arrive York House Wedding Photographer York House Wedding Photographer London groom's final checks before the ceremony waiting for the bride an embarrassed groom York House Wedding Photographer York House Wedding Photographer York House Wedding Photographer signing the register a candid moment the new husband and wife York House Wedding Photographer York House Wedding Photographer the wedding bus the mother and father of the bride the flower girl departs the bus a photo with all the girls an excited flower girl a message via skype the best man's speech the bride and groom chat with guests gossiping wedding guests cutting the wedding cake thames rowing club wedding photographer the first dance as husband and wife the wedding party wedding guests sing along on the dance floor throwing some shapes at the wedding disco

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