Black And White Documentary Wedding Photography

Black And White Documentary Wedding Photography

It takes a very confident sort of couple to go for 100% black and white documentary wedding photography. But for James and Justine’s wedding it felt entirely fitting and appropriate to the low key, but still very special mood of the day. From the moment I arrived at church, and spotted the rather old fashioned car, parked outside the corner shop opposite the church (experts will no doubt be able to identify the model of the car better than I can) I felt as though I was stepping back in time a little. That retro vibe persisted and seemed to stay with me throughout the rest of what turned out to be a very enjoyable day to photograph.


the church before the wedding


Black And White Documentary Wedding Photography

Shooting black and white documentary wedding photography isn’t really all that different to shooting in colour. In fact, because I shoot all my wedding work in RAW format, a final decision to go for either black and white or colour is always made in postproduction. Jump over to my portfolio to see lots of examples of both my colour and black and white work. Using the mirrorless cameras I have nowadays mean that I’m actually able to see the image in the viewfinder as a black and white image. That might all sound a bit technical, but it means that by extracting the colour from the image I’m able to concentrate on the properties of an image that work best in black and white, namely, light, tone, texture and the overall compositional structure of the image.


the groom arrives at churchgroom greeting the wedding gueststhe mother of the bride


In addition to a great bunch of friends and family, the other thing that made my job a whole lot more enjoyable on the day, was that James and Justine’s vicar turned out to be a keen photographer herself, and was therefore very accommodating during the ceremony. I never want to overstep the mark, and draw attention to myself, but having the freedom to move around during the ceremony, when it’s appropriate to do so, means that I can get what I think are some very special moments. Their daughter running down the aisle to her daddy was just one such moment, and I’m so glad that she appears in so many of the pictures, during the ceremony and at the reception at The Ginger Fox afterwards.


black and white documentary wedding photographya kiss before the wedding ceremonythe groom waits anxiouslya first hug as husband and wifeembarrassing wedding speeches are the bestthe first danceblack and white documentary wedding photography

If you’re looking for documentary wedding photography in colour or black and white I’d love to hear from you.


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