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Sony A9, 35mm, f8, 1/250th, ISO800

My Kind of Family Group Photos!

So here’s the thing! As important as they are, doing the family group photos isn’t the most creative part of the day for a wedding photographer. They are however the shots that parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles are most likely to get printed and put on their mantlepiece, and done right they can be beautifully posed family portraits that everyone will treasure. As I promote myself primarily as a documentary wedding photographer I recommend to my couples that we don’t do more than around six family group photos, so that I can take care over them, and still maximise the time spent on my documentary approach to the wedding.

During Onu & Dinachi’s Nigerian wedding photography however, the situation was a little different. I had my assistant photographer doing the group photos before the wedding reception at Northbrook Park, which allowed me to continue with my photography and look for candid moments elsewhere, and happening around the group photos like those shown here. The formal shots are a great record of their family and friends that attended the wedding in all their finery, but what I love so much about the shot above is the chaos and family dynamics on display. The two shots below, from the same moment, also have a lot going for them, but it’s the balanced composition and particularly the little flower girl on the left of frame that I like so much.


nigerian wedding photographyfamily group photos

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