Documentary Wedding Photography Brighton

documentary wedding photography brighton

Documentary Wedding Photography Brighton

A day-trip down to the coast is always welcome, and I jump at the chance whenever I have the opportunity to photograph a wedding by the sea. Ruby and Ed were an amazingly chilled out couple, along with all their friends, and the love and positivity that was so in evidence throughout the day, made their wedding such a pleasure to photograph. The informality of the day married perfectly with my documentary style of photography and I was able to capture some really touching moments, not only between the happy couple, but between family and friends too, which I think is so important. I remember when I first started out in wedding photography, I thought it was such a shame that the more traditional approach would make it look as though only the bride and groom attended the wedding! There’s been a real resurgence in documentary wedding photography since then that celebrates, not just two people in love, but the coming together of two families, and acknowledges the friendships that have helped shape your life. Lets face it, it’s not often that this number of your nearest and dearest will ever come together in one place.

For me the day began at their home where Ruby was getting ready. With a little bit of planning, and because I knew how difficult parking would be in the centre of town, we agreed that I would travel to the Unitarian Church with Ruby’s mum and the bridesmaids (the look on mum’s face is priceless!) Returning to my car at the end of the day would also give me the opportunity to get shots during the bus ride to the White Cliffs Cafe where the reception would be held. After a little time for a walk across the beach and one of my favourite shots of the day, it was on with the party! In a break with tradition, Ed did his own DJ set, and he even threw the bouquet on Ruby’s behalf! All in all a truly memorable wedding.


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  1. January 6, 2016 / Reply

    Lovely set of images David. Great storytelling.

    • February 24, 2016

      Cheers Paul, It means a lot to hear you say that.

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