Jewish Wedding Photographer

Chris and Sophie’s wedding at Northbrook Park was the kind of wedding you dream of as a photographer. Gorgeous venue wit the flexibility to hold indoor and outdoor wedding ceremonies? check. Fabulous autumnal colours? check. A great couple, beautiful styling and tons of energy? check, check, check! As I think it’s clear to see, Chris and Sophie are a really creative couple, and they’d obviously prepped their friends very well too, in the run-up to the wedding. Everyone really pulled together to make their big day so special. Both Sophie and Chris work in the film industry and so deciding on a theme for the wedding probably came quite easily to them. The seating plan was made up of old film reals, the table names (all puns on well known films) were written on clapper boards, and the cake toppers were bride and groom stormtroopers!




Jewish Wedding Photography

One of the things I really like about shooting at Northbrook Park is that the whole day is able to take place at the one venue. My day naturally enough therefore started with pictures of Sophie getting ready before the short walk to the Vine Room where the ceremony would take place. The ceremony itself was in two parts with the legal bit first, followed by a short interlude in which Chris grabbed his guitar and everyone sand along to Is this Love by Bob Marley, well why not! The Jewish ceremony that followed was a beautifully symbolic moment, respected by everyone present, and which clearly meant a lot to both families.

As evening fell, the party really got started, and of course included the traditional Jewish Hora, in which Sophie and Chris were raised above the throng on the dance floor, so much so that at one point Sophie almost got lost in the ceiling drapes of the Orangery at Northbrook!


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