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Favourite Frames – A Quiet Moment

One rainy day in July, Charmaine and Morgan tied the knot in London and shared a Route Master bus with family and friends from their ceremony at Chelsea Old Town Hall to their reception at the fab Metro Gardens in Clapham. Couples often ask me what will happen if it rains on their wedding day. They understand that the documentary approach is about creating a set of pictures that is unique to their day, but would still like a few portraits and group photos, and of course want all their guests to have a good time (especially if they’ve chosen a date in the middle of summer.) I usually tell them, and I do believe, that there will always be a break in the rain at some point in the day when we can get some outdoor shots, but for this blog post I’ve chosen to feature a shot of Charmaine and Morgan on the bus, as it’s a great example of the kind of documentary portrait (a kind of non-portrait/portrait if you will) that can occur at any moment in the day.

What I love about this moment is how, even during a boisterous bus ride, with guests quaffing champagne all around them, the couple took the time to themselves to savour the moment and compare how their rings looked on each others fingers. For a self confessed camera shy couple it’s these little interactions that are so much more important than a porter session sent awkwardly grimacing in front of the camera.