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Favourite Frames – Confessions of a Wedding Photographer

So here’s the thing, and bear with me for a moment, because of course I do want your wedding to run smoothly and for all those months, perhaps years, of planning to pay off. However all that time building up to the big day can bring with it a certain amount of pressure and tension, let’s say. This is the reason for my small confession! You see, secretly I hope for little moments in which things don’t quite go according to plan. Of course I’m not talking here about something horrible happening, but forgive me when I say that throughout the day, I hear a little voice inside my head telling me to wait a little longer, work on my composition, and keep the subject in focus, in the hope that something unexpected will happen.

The image above that illustrates my point perfectly, is one of my favourite shots from Rafi and Amy’s wedding earlier this year. On this particular occasion, I was assisting my good friend Az of Lemontree Photography (something I like to do a few times a year, as it enables me to take more time over a shot like this.) 

It was during their beautiful ceremony in Dorset, in a packed church surrounded by all their friends and family, that Rafi managed to fluff his lines at a critical moment! Put it down to nerves, or perhaps his eagerness to marry his fiancé Amy, but I think it created a wonderful connection between the two of them, and encapsulates the humour in their relationship, something that was abundantly evident throughout the rest of the day.