great fosters wedding photos

Favourite Frames – Getting Married At Great Fosters

I shot one of my very first weddings for a dear friend of mine, and fellow photographer, in the Orangery at Great Fosters, and so when it came to the day of Robin and Larisa getting married at Great Fosters, I was well prepared for a last minute change of plans to switch from an outdoor ceremony to one indoors. All due of course to the unpredictable British weather, but as I think you can see from their faces, and many other shots in the series, the couple didn’t let it affect them one bit! The Orangery at Great Fosters is a lovely light space, and can be styled beautifully, but there are a few aspects to the room that I like to look out for, in order to deliver the very best images to my couples. Like in this shot of Robin struggling momentarily with the ring, I love to shoot down the length of the room. It creates some beautiful out of focus areas in the background of the image and reflections in the mirrored windows behind. 

Thankfully, a little while after the ceremony, the rain cleared and we were able to spend lots of time outside and get some lovely portraits. Robin had proposed to Larisa near the beautiful little bridge in the grounds of Great Fosters, so it was vital that we were able to revisit that spot! Robin and Larisa, you were amazing! If you’re thinking of tying the knot at Great Fosters and would like to check out another of my weddings there then please do, just follow the link HERE.