Getting Married at Malcesine Castle

Favourite Frames – Getting Married at Malcesine Castle

On the eve of my second trip to this stunning wedding venue on the banks of Lake Garda, it felt appropriate, if a little indulgent, to look back at Katie and David’s wedding from last year, and in particular one of my favourite frames from their ceremony at Malcesine Castle. I’m sure that whenever anyone thinks of wedding photography, whether you’re planning your own wedding at the moment or not, you’ll have in mind some of the iconic “wedding moments”. Perhaps it’s the exchanging of rings, the first kiss or maybe it’s the confetti being thrown. For a reportage photographer like myself, moments like this are a crucial part of my coverage at almost every wedding, but it’s what you might call the “in-between moments” like the one above that are usually remarked on by my couples. Perhaps it’s because the traditional moments are just that, traditional, and are expected at every wedding. In contrast, the picture of Katie and David, taken during a reading by one of their friends, represents a much more personal moment. You could say that nothing much is happening in the picture at all, but for me, the beauty of the picture is in it’s subtly. The soft light has certainly helped to create a flattering portrait of Katie, as she listens intently to her friend’s reading, but it’s David’s look to his new wife of just a few minutes that makes the picture. Even though they’re faced by many of their friends and family during an occasion that they’d been building up to for months and months, they seem totally at ease with one another and in a world of their own. What makes the timing of this blog post all the more special, is that Katie and David are expecting their first born in 2016. Congratulations guys!

If you’re getting married at Malcesine Castle I’d love to hear from you. I offer all my couples a no obligation meeting in the UK, and should you choose to make a booking, I’d be delighted to meet up in Malcesine for a walk round the castle prior to the wedding. Check out more of my Lake Garda wedding photography HERE.