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Favourite Frames – Natural Wedding Photography

As a photographer who specialises in unobtrusively capturing the wedding day, without direction, couples will often ask me how the more traditional portrait session can be incorporated into their day. Naturally, the kind of couples that are attracted to my photography don’t want to spend loads of time on their big day posing for the camera. However, it is normal to want a nice set of pictures that capture the two of you together, in the surroundings you’ve chosen for your wedding. The portrait session can also be one of the few opportunities you have on the day to escape the hurly-burly and spend a bit of quality time together. I like to keep the portrait session fun, by using relaxed poses that look and feel natural. Some of the most famous portrait photographers in the past used all kinds of tricks to disarm their sitters and achieve their iconic shots. I won’t be using any underhand tactics, but I do find that a bit of banter can go a long way! It’s often the moments in between, or a reaction to something, that can bring you together and create that special portrait with real authenticity.

Emma and Sam’s portrait session took place just a short walk from their wedding at Artington House in Surrey.


natural surrey wedding photography

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