Winter At Loseley Park

Favourite Frames – Winter At Loseley Park

With all the excitement of the occasion, a civil ceremony like that of Emily and Daniel’s at Loseley Park, might feel as though it goes by in a flash. A civil ceremony, which basically describes any legal but non-religious ceremony, typically lasts around thirty minutes, although at the time it might feel more like ten! That’s where preserving those critical moments photographically comes in. A moment like the one above might only be fleeting, but capturing such a spontaneous moment of joy will give the couple, and everyone else who attended the wedding, the time to reflect on that moment long after the day has ended.

One of the strange things I find about any wedding ceremony is that for large parts of it the couple will have their backs to their assembled guests. It probably helps them to concentrate, and the registrar will ask the couple to turn to each other to deliver their vows and exchange rings, but for most of the ceremony friends and family won’t be able to see the smiles, the laughter or perhaps even the tears shed by the bride (or groom!). That’s why I feel really privileged as a photographer, in that I’m able to manoeuvre myself into position to witness these moments and share them with everyone. What I really love about this particular kind of image is that by shooting slightly wider it also puts the couple into context, in this case inside the great hall at Loseley House, and we also catch a glimpse of their guests looking and listening so carefully.

If you’re planning to tie the knot at Loseley Park, or any of the other stunning wedding venues in Surrey for that matter, then I’d love to hear from you. I offer all my couples a no obligation pre-wedding meeting at their venue.