Gate Street Barn Wedding Photography

Gate Street Barn Wedding Photography

It’s snowing in Guildford today, so what better time to blog Emily and Matt’s beautiful wintery Gate Street Barn wedding photography. Gate Street Barn is situated in the secluded setting of the Surrey Hills, 5 miles south of Guildford in Bramley. It’s a truly magnificent Surrey wedding venue, built in a traditional style using wood from oak trees lost on the nearby farm in the 1987 hurricane. The barn was also where I photographed one of my very first weddings years ago, and so it was really nice to have the opportunity to shoot there again. Emily and Matt were such a great couple to work with. From the first time we met, they totally got my documentary approach to wedding photography and didn’t want many posed photos. On the day, I got to the barn nice and early, as the finishing touches were being made to the barn. As guests began to arrive and anticipation began to grow, there was lots to photograph. One of my favourite things about photographing weddings that take place at one venue is that I’m able to observe and capture all the activity that goes on between the key moments of the day. I was able to switch between photographing Emily and Matt’s guests arriving, and Emily and her bridesmaids also getting ready at the barn. After a beautiful ceremony, the staff turned around the barn in lightning-fast time ready for the wedding breakfast to take place as darkness began to fall all around the barn. As evening came we were all entertained by some really humorous speeches before retiring the the Pheasantry for the cake cutting. The big surprise was still to come though, as unbeknownst to the happy couple, about to do their first dance, Matt’s ushers passed round confetti cannons among the guests. Music was provided by Gate Street Barn’s favourite DJ Chris Haslam at Chess and as Emily and Matt took to the floor they were showers by a wall of confetti! A special thanks to Emily’s dad for letting me in on the surprise.

Click on the slideshow above or scroll though the photos below to enjoy Emily and Matt’s Gate Street Barn wedding Photography, or follow this link to see some of my photography at some of my other favourite wedding venues in Surrey.


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