Loseley Park Wedding Photographer

Loseley Park Wedding Photographer

One of the things I really value in my wedding photography is getting to know my couples a little bit before the big day arrives. You might think as a documentary wedding photographer that I just photograph things as they happen, which is mostly true, but I guess it’s precisely because I don’t want to be directing my brides and grooms and their guests all day that it helps to understand something of their story before I start to shoot. As the famous war photographer Don McCullin once said “Photography for me is not looking, it’s feeling. If you can’t feel what you’re looking at, then you’re never going to get others to feel anything when they look at your pictures.” Now, I’m no trying to compare war photography and wedding photography, but as Anna and Ben’s Loseley Park wedding photographer it was great to meet them as they planned their wedding day. They chose the church for example as it was where Anna’s parents had got married and the vicar from their own church was able to conduct part of the ceremony, a detail which I could tell meant a lot to both Anna and Ben. The barn at Loseley Park had been dressed beautifully with simple flower arrangements, lanterns, white linen, and candelabras adding a touch of glamour. A testament to the couple’s sense of style, also evident in their very stylish Instagram feed. 


groom arrives at church


Loseley Park Wedding Photographer

As is normally the way, a lot more was found out about the newlyweds during the speeches, including Anna’s love of soft toys and Ben’s rhyming skills, as he managed to deliver his entire speech as one long poem, amazing! Ben and Anna were also really generous in allowing me to do some portraits of them shot on film in the walled gardens at Loseley Park. The process of shooting on large format film can be a lengthy one, but the portraits we created were really special, and it’s a process that I hope to offer to many more of my couples in future. 


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