The Best Wedding Photography Podcasts

The Best Wedding Photography Podcasts

This is one for the photographers out there! There’s a common misconception that us wedding photographers only work one day a week. The truth, of course, is that we spend more of our time in front of our computer screens, than we do shooting, either processing pictures for our couples, updating our website with our latest work, designing albums, handling e-mails or reaching out to new couples via social media. It can be quite a solitary existence for those that work alone, with just the radio for company, but that’s where podcasts come in! Podcasts are a great way of listening to and learning from photographers all over the world. In this blog post I’ve picked out what I consider to be 5 of the best wedding photography podcasts at the moment. Some have been running for longer than others and have built up a huge back catalogue of episodes whereas some are relatively new. Some are more business oriented, addressing themes such as pricing and advertising strategies, whereas others adopt a more chatty laid back style. What they all have in common however is that they offer a glimpse inside the working lives of other photographers, lending new perspectives on wedding photography, and at times even provide that little bit of support that comes from knowing that we all face the same day to day challenges. If you’re not already familiar with these podcasts then I hope you take the time to listen to a few, and if you think I’ve missed one out then I’d love to hear your recommendations in the comments section.

5 of The Best Wedding Photography Podcasts

Designed to compliment its highly successful community of photographers and directory of worldwide leaders in the reportage style of wedding photography, the This Is Reportage podcasts are a chatty half hour or so between the host (and founder) Alan Law and his guests. Covering all things from, sources of inspiration, to a photographer’s home life, the podcasts are a great insight into the day to day lives of photographers that excel at the reportage tradition of photography. Alan’s conversational approach to the interviews elicites an open response from his subjects and some wonderful nuggets of information. The perfect accompaniment while editing!

Off the back of the super successful NineDots Gathering, Online tutorials, Awards, Members Facebook Group (basically it’s a growing empire!) comes The DotCast! Full of great “actionable” tips and advice from the NineDots founders Adam, Andy and Rahul and various guests, the podcast episodes are bite size in length and you’re bound to find a great takeaway from each episode, whether you’re just starting out on your photography journey, or you’re a seasoned professional. The chatty and honest style of the podcast is a continuation of the supportive ethos behind NineDots as a whole. Subjects for each episode often spring from discussions within the Facebook group, making them really topical. 

Based on the success of an amazing Facebook group and its members baying for more documentary wedding photography blood like hungry zombies desperate to eat some juicy yummy brains, Andy & Steve called some guys, they did something with a thing called ‘ze internetz’ and low and behold Photographers Keeping It Real came into being and their fun and irreverent podcast did too. “If reading just feels like too much hard work, then we’ve got the format for you! Listen to two guys ramble about documentary photography (amongst other things) at your leisure…”


Andrew’s interviews with wedding and portrait photographers around the world now number 160, and counting! His insightful interviews with the likes of Tyler Wirken, Kevin Mullins, Ian Weldon and Andrew Billington offer tons of practical advice that you can implements in your own business. The podcasts are free but there’s also a very affordable premium option that offers extra content. Premium members also get access to a really active Facebook group where discussions often take place after each interview, often with the interviewee themselves. 

Launched in January 2018 after seeing that there was a gap in the market for a lively, authentic podcast for people photographers. This podcast aims to chat with inspiring people on the show who will help listeners to grow their business, motivate, improve their photography and entertain all at the same time. All of their interviews take place in person; they are often hilarious, sometimes vulnerable and always authentic.


Way Up North is actually a series of wedding conferences in Europe. Their podcasts act as a kind of introduction to each of the speakers. The aim of the podcasts, by photographers Jakob and Cole is in their own words to “leave you knowing each presenter a little bit better. It’s about who they are, not which lenses they use.” They definitely achieve that! Interview with the likes of Ed Peers, Fer Juaristi, Jonas Peterson often go off on tangents exploring travel, musical influences, family live and childhood.


Photographers On Fire is a relatively new series of podcasts, but photographer UK Simon Biffen has already amassed an impressive number of interviews with likeminded photographers including Andy Gaines, Alan Law and Albert Palmer. Interviews tend to follow a set pattern in which photographers talk about their route into the industry, their day to day working lives, and uniquely, what they would tell your younger self at the start of your photography career if they could travel back in time. Photographers are also asked to choose one of their favourite images and talk about how it came into being. Photographers On Fire


The Epic Podcast is also a fairly new series in which US photographers Sam Hurd and Nathan Mitchell discuss pretty much whatever’s on their mind. Sam Hurd is already well known for his photography workshops. There’s plenty of banter, but each episode is based loosely on a theme such as how to maintain a good work life balance or whether to create an online persona for your business, but the discussion will often segue into talk about camera gear or even Star Wars! Guests have already included Ryan Brenizer so it will be interesting to keep an eye on this one and see how it evolves over time. The Epic Podcast


British Photographer Matt Bowen has built up an impressive list of interviews with the likes of Jose Villa and Nick Tucker amongst others, but has recently scored big by interviewing the renowned art photographer Gregory Crewdson. With a background as a radio journalist, Matt’s interviews follow a clear structure with set questions about what inspires the interviewee, and what advice they have for other photographers. More left field questions such as what their favourite swearword is, and who, either dead or alive would they like to photograph help us to get a sense of the person behind the camera. Phototypes

5 of The Best Wedding Photography Podcasts

Other podcasts and resources for photographers

  • Chua and The Bell – A witty and informative podcast aimed at the young and up-and-coming generation of wedding and events photographers. Presented by friends Marianne Chua and Kari Bellamy, top photographers in their own right who really know their stuff!
  • The Fujicast – A beautifully produced new podcast my Kevin Mullins and Neale James, two leading photographers in the field of documentary wedding photography, and as the name of the podcasts suggests (catchy title guys!) they’re experts with Fuji cameras too.
  • The Candid Frame – This site is the brainchild of LA based photographer Ibarionex Perello. Concerned mainly with street photography the videos and podcasts range from interview with other photographers to technical lessons and advice on composition.
  • SHOWstudio – This website was launched over ten years ago by world renowned fashion photographer Nick Knight. In the intervening time the site has built up a huge archive of fashion films and interviews with leading figures across a wide range of creative industries.
  • Raw Talk – Jared Polin’s style of presentation may not be to everyones taste, but his passion and his knowledge of photography is unquestionable. These regular podcast from the FroKnowsPhoto studio with sidekicks Stephen and Todd cover all kinds of photo news as well as new gear releases.
  • The Art of Photography – Presented by photographer and filmmaker Ted Forbes, this video series is for anyone wanting to delve into the history of photography.
  • Wedding Photographers Unite – A podcast for wedding photographers for wedding photographers is how this series is described on the website. Covering all kinds of topics from copyright for wedding photographers to how much to charge.

5 of The Best Wedding Photography Podcasts

This list has been compiled by UK documentary wedding photographer David Weightman


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