The Wedding Morning

Favourite Frames – The Wedding Morning

Arriving to photograph the bride getting ready for her wedding in Italy, you might expect to walk into a scene of serenity and glamour. While I was certainly able to get those kind of shots later on, as Steph prepared for her wedding ceremony at the Scalegero Castle on the banks of Lake Garda, the scene I was faced with on my arrival was more akin to a kids daycare centre! As a reportage wedding photographer, I find one of the most important things is the ability to adapt and produce natural wedding photography in any situation. Never was that more true on this wedding morning. What I like so much about the composition above is the way that it introduces everyone into the story. Champagne glasses are left to one side as Steph does her makeup in the mirror and her sister and parents cajole the kids into their wedding outfits, Steph’s youngest nephew looking on quizzically from the doorway with water bottle and comfort blanket in hand. Kids are always a bit wary of a photographer turning up out of the blue to photograph them on the wedding morning, but as time went on they got used to my presence and we were able to get some great images. I love the shots of Steph’s parents doing the utmost to keep their grandchildren occupied, but as granddad does up his tie and Steph puts on her dress, the kids are left to their own devices to rummage in the fridge and play with their guns, the younger of the pageboys playing dead on the sofa behind his brother.

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