Autumn at Pembroke

One of the things I’ve learnt during my years as a photographer, is that what I enjoy most about photographing weddings is the variety they offer in terms of location, people, traditions, and the time of year couples choose to get married.

Don’t get me wrong, the traditional English summer wedding is of course a lot of fun to be a part of, but when a couple comes all the way from the Philippines to get married at Pembroke Lodge, because they love the autumn colour, then it’s so inspiring as a photographer. The love and positive energy that exists between family and friends at this particular wedding, I hope is clear to see from the photos below. 



Autumn at Pembroke

As a freelancer, responsible for not just taking the photos, but also in charge of marketing and web design, and everything else that goes into running a small business, I’m aware that a lot of the advice out there say you should have a clear understanding of your “ideal client”, their likes and dislikes, what they wear, the kind of TV shows they watch, and of course the kind of wedding they’re likely to have. 

That’s all very well, and would make for a very pretty Instagram feed, but what if, like me, you want to celebrate difference through your photography? When I look back, this desire was formed early on in my career, by two experiences. I was fortunate enough to shoot for i-D magazine a number of times, a magazine that in the 80s was groundbreaking in celebrating street style and London’s diverse melting pot of cultures. Around the same time I was also awarded a scholarship to work with Benetton, a clothing company well known at the time for its “United Colours of Benetton” campaigns. These early experiences clearly rubbed off on me, and inform my photography to this day.


Autumn at Pembroke Autumn at Pembroke


Hair & Makeup: Kim @ Storme Makeup & Hair

Venue: Pembroke Lodge

String Quartet: Liquid Strings

Bride’s Outfit: Wear Your Culture

Flowers: The Fine Flower Company