can you get married at home in the uk

Can You Get Married At Home In The UK?

Can you get married at home in the UK? Well sadly, not the legal bit! Not yet at least. Weddings today take many forms, as couples look to express themselves through their wedding and the choices they make. As a wedding photographer, I’ve noticed that post-pandemic, there’s a desire among more and more couples planning their wedding, to consider having an outdoor ceremony, and more eco-friendly festivities, and I’d love to get involved! The law around licensed wedding venues, and more inclusive options is also currently under review in the UK which can only be a good thing.




Wedding Photography for Un-conventional Couples!

Alison & Chris had their wedding last summer and it was honestly one of my favourites of the year. Apart from being an absolutely awesome and creative couple, Chris is a keen photographer, you can see from some of the photos above that document the months of planning, what a lot of craft and hard work went into making their day a reality. I’d visited the family small holding a few weeks before the wedding to meet up with couple. We did some pre-wedding portraits and it was great to get a taste of what was being planned for the wedding day.

Fast forward to the day itself and the two barns on site had been totally transformed! There was even space for the caterers to set up, and a tipi had been set up as a drinks tent. Garden games had been arranged in the garden, including “Welly Wanging”, which, for those that don’t know, involves throwing a Wellington Boot as far as you can, with varying degrees of success! The ceremony was conducted by Chris’ uncle and highlights included their dog walking down the aisle and watering a “Tree of Life” that I think the couple planned to plant in their own garden eventually.

Marriage Law In The UK

For many years now there has been a movement to reform marriage law in the UK, as the strict laws around who can conduct a legal ceremony, and where they can take place, look increasingly outdated. Change was taking place slowly and becoming more inclusive, but as the Covid pandemic hit and venues were forced to think creatively about how to conduct ceremonies outdoors and even via Zoom, it seems to me that the process of change was accelerated.

The Law Commission of England and Wales published recommendations, which at the time of writing this, at the start of 2023, are currently being considered by the government. If you’re wondering, can you get married at home in the UK, you can see the very latest on UK Marriage Law HERE.

Choosing The Right Wedding Suppliers

Choosing the right wedding suppliers for your at home wedding is key, once you’ve decided, can you get married at home in the UK.

Many suppliers will be familiar with setting up and working at more established wedding venues, and it’s worth bearing in mind that providing an equally professional service at a client’s home, can prove challenging. You’ll want to consider whether you have space for a marque that incorporates a kitchen, or will the caterers need to make use of your own kitchen, and a band or DJ will almost certainly need an electrical supply to their equipment. Of course, as you’re planning an at home wedding in the UK, you’ll also want to consider a wet weather plan!

Make Your At Home Wedding Unique

I love photographing all kinds of weddings, but what I love most is when couples put their own stamp on their special day. Can you get married at home in the UK, and make your day your own? Well, I hope that Alison and Chris’ wedding here helps give you some food for thought, and shows you how it can be done. I hope that the law changes very soon in England to allow legal wedding ceremonies to take place at home, or any other personal or unique location for that matter, and I can’t wait to capture more of these weddings in my unique documentary style.


dogs at weddings can you get married at home in the uk tree of life ceremony welly wanging at a wedding

Can You Get Married At home In The UK? My Top Tips

  1. With marriage laws likely to change in the UK over the next few years, I predict that many couples planning their wedding will be searching online and asking “Can you get married at home in the UK?” The first place to check for the latest information is the the website where you will find the most up to date and accurate information.
  2. Not only will you want to ask, can you get married at home in the UK, but you will want to ask yourself questions such as, do you have sufficient space, either for an outdoor ceremony or perhaps a marque in the garden, but also practical considerations such as parking, facilities, and even accommodation.
  3. You’ll also want to be on good terms with your neighbours! One of the great things about an at home wedding is that you can party into the small hours, but you’ll want to check first! If you’re luck your neighbours might even help with practical things like parking!
  4. If the wedding is to take place at your parents home, then it can really help if someone in the family is into their gardening. I’ve photographed many garden wedding receptions and the garden is always looking immaculate! This can really help when if comes to doing portraits and groups, not to mention the overall wow factor.
  5. Lastly when asking, can you get married at home in the UK, think about your emotion connection to the home. This is perhaps the best reason to get married at home, and there will inevitably be reminders of the home in your wedding photos. Think about your best memories of your time growing up at the home, and how you can capture that in your wedding photos.


    Hair: Hair By Ellie

    Makeup: Bear Beauty

    Wedding Dresses: Lillian West at Bromley Brides

    Music: The Duplicators

    Caterers: Tayberry Foods